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Drinkies at Sevva

Sevva… located at the Penthouse of Prince’s Building in Central is an incredible venue: a 360-degree balcony with stunning views of the skyscrapers of Central and Admiralty, the Harbour, and the Kowloon skyline – perfect for sunset drinks and impressing loved ones, friends or clients. I came here twice – once with Hubby and once with my cousin in law – I know – twice in the space of a week!

The first time I was in Sevva was with Hubby, we got there about 6pm and were lucky to have gotten a table – mind you it wasn’t a sit down table or a comfy couch space. We got a tall round table along the sides of the terrace where you have to stand. By about 7pm, it was chockers with people in suits, people that are dressed to impressed and mostly gwai los and not many locals.

This place is great for after work drinks, however, there is a price to pay! Beer and a glass of red wine totalled to 200HKD+!! OUCH! But like I said, you are here for the view and with the ‘right’ company – it is worth every penny!!! There is a band that plays every night – great live music, views, music – what more can you ask for?

They gave us an endless supply of chips / nuts / crackers. I would say the downfall would be – the service. Trying to order our drinks took a while, and waiting for our drinks took even longer – I don’t think they had enough staff behind the bars! However, I was ‘happy’ enough with the unlimited supply of nuts! (I know I am easy to please!)

The second time I went here was with my cousin in law. Since we were waiting for hubby to finish work, thought we would get a table. Standing with my super high heels last time was not ideal and I know that we were going to be here for a while! Get there early-ish if you want a table or a couch! We were there a little bit before 6pm and had no problems in getting a table.

We were starving as neither of us has had lunch so thought we would have something ‘small / light’ before dinner. We got the menu and I have to say, it wasn’t your typical bar menu! I was expecting to see wedges / chips of some sort but alas no! They did, however, have chicken wings which we thought were just too messy, and nachos – Indian nachos. We wanted chips so thought nachos would be perfect! The ‘Indian Nachos” was definitely NOT what I expected! When you see nachos on the menu, you would automatically think, corn chips covered in beef, avocado, beans and melted cheese. However, that was definitely not the case! A small plate of what seems to be nachos was put on our table – 6 crackers, and on top of each cracker was beef, avocado, with some curry flavoured sauce and what appeared to be cheese. However, it wasn’t gooey but crunchy – I think it was fried vermicelli. Weird I know!!!! Surprisingly, the mixture of all was good, the different flavours mixed well together in your mouth – not your average / typical nachos that’s for sure! It was one of the most expensive ‘Indian Nachos’ I have ever tasted!

All in all – a great experience, if you have visitors coming from overseas, definitely worth taking them here for a drink or two. Dress to impress and be prepared to spend a bit of dosh here!



Prince’s Building,

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2537 1388

  1. June 11, 2011 at 8:05 am

    you should definitely go there for high tea when you’re next in hk 😀 .. it’s pricey cause it’s the celebrity hang out spot 😛

    • June 11, 2011 at 11:59 am

      oh we did! it was pricey but loved loved the view…. didnt review it as i forgot to take photos!

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