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Burgers @ Grill’d

I have read about this place so many times in various food blogs and am a HUGE HUGE (did i say HUGE) fan of burgers! As much as I love Plan B, it’s not open on the weekends and its a trek during the weekdays for just a burger (ok – its not ‘just’ a burger, but its a trek from Circular Quay!). However, when I found out about this so called Grill’d place, I had to go and check it out!

So I dragged my partner in crime of burgers (not that he needs any convincing!), and drove to crowsnest. We walked in and was mesmorised by the menu and layout! It’s a bit overwhelming with all the different types of burgers! Firstly, you choose the kind of burger that you want, then the type of bread; panini, traditional or glutten free bread. Secondly, the extras; eggs, pineapple and cheese etc. Last but not least – chips with Grill’d herbs mix! Once you have decided, you go to the counter, order the various types, take a number and sit down. The burgers are freshly made on the spot, and taken to your table once its cooked and assembled. The burgers also caters for vegetarians, and for kids – mini burgers for little kids!

I ordered the simply grill’d buhgah – and it was indeed ‘simple’ and tasty! The beef was tender, moist and juicy and the herb mayo was the perfect condiment. The panini was also soft but yet crunchy on the outside! It was divine and exactly what I needed that day!

My partner in crime ordered the mustard and pickled burger and he too said it was divine. I personally, am not a big fan of pickles. He demolished his burger within seconds and did not even bother asking if I wanted to try some. His only comment was ‘Beautiful, absolutely beautiful’. I am assuming its the same as mine, without the pickles (gross!).

Burgers at Grill’d are not on the same calibre as Plan B but its definitely worth another visit! Especially if you have a hang over or if you plainly just want a ‘buh-gah’!

Grill’d – http://www.grilld.com.au/

57 Willoughby Road.

Crowsnest, Sydney

Ph:+61 2 9436 0699

Grill'd on Urbanspoon

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