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Dumplings @ Wang Fu

Dumplings – one of my ultimate fav foods and a good hangover cure! Not that I was hangover at 9pm at night! I have heard and read about Wang Fu many times – it is not a big restaurant, probably sit around 30 people, and it’s not flash, homey and the kind of food that would go down well after a few drinks.

My ‘ideal’ meal that night would be to get a couple of different types of dumplings, alas, not everyone had the same idea – I was out ruled! After much negotiations, we decided to have 1 (yes ONLY ONE!) boiled shrimp and pork dumplings, chicken and cashew stirfry (very very gwailo food – but funnily enough I was craving for chicken and cashew!) and eggplant stirfry.

The shrimp and pork dumplings were very good – you could taste both shrimp and pork. Dipped (in my case drenched) in vinegar and loads of chilli, I was a happy camper! I could have seriously eaten a whole plate of it on my own.

Chicken and cashew stirfry – I don’t find this dish very traditional but would order it from time to time. I utterly enjoyed this dish – the chicken was moist and had the ‘right’ amount of cashews and chillness. One downside would be it was a tad bit oily, but nothing tea can’t wash down!

Eggplant is one of my favourite vegetable. Unfortunately I don’t get to cook it very often at home as it’s not Hubby’s favourite meal!  This dish didn’t disappoint either, the eggplant was cooked extremely well, with capsicum, ginger and onion. Again, bit on the oily side, but otherwise, it was perfect and a great compliment to the chicken / cashew stirfry.

Great meal at Wang Fu, reasonably cheap also – will definitely go back! Next time will have to try all the different types of dumplings! Was a tad disappointed that we only got one, but its another reason to go back!

GA’s rating: 7/10 (cheap and quick!)

Wang Fun, Central
G/F, 98A Wellington St, Central,
Tlp: 2121 8006.

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