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Butagumi Tonkatsu

Have read many good things about Butagumi Tonkatsu. Their speciality is of course pork cutlets – tonkatsu which is breaded, then deep fried, generally served with shredded cabbage and/or miso soup. You can choose either pork fillet or pork loin – the pork is usually salted, peppered and dipped in a mixture of flour, beaten egg and panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) before being deep fried.

Came here just after the lunch hour rush, so was seated immediately. Butagumi specialises in tonkatsu and other deep fried delicacies such as oyster, fish and veggies. I ordered the pork cutlet tonkatsu set which consisted of pork cutlet with shredded cabbage and miso soup, an appetizer which is a couple pieces of pickles and rice.

Whilst waiting for my pork to arrive, a Japanese mortar and pestle was placed in front of me, with toasted sesame seeds. The waitress kindly asked if I have dined there before and explained what the mortar was for. Apparently, you grind the sesame seeds until it becomes powdery, then add pork chop sauce out of the pot to make a dipping sauce for the cutlets. I had to admit – it was quite a novelty. I sat there whilst waiting for my meal to arrive grounding the sesame seeds until it was all powdery – didn’t get very far to be honest!

Pork cutlet set arrived and it looked absolutely divine!

The crispiness of the pork was just amazing, the batter was not too thick and the crispiness – OMG – only a serious deep frying pan can do this! I would not be able to replicate the crispiness at home. The pork was tender but not as moist as I have hoped. The middle part of the pork was a tad dry.  The breading was definitely excellent and the shredded cabbage was a great compliment. The contrast between hot golden crispy cutlets set against cool crisp cabbage is a delightful combination of textures and flavours. The miso soup was a bit different, it wasn’t your tradition miso soup with tofu and seaweed – I think it was a different type of miso – red miso soup, it was a little sweeter than the normal miso that I am used too.. still it was quite tasty.

I was surprised when the waiter brought out a little dessert – it was milk pudding with a dollop of chocolate sauce. The milk pudding was cold and extremely milky, creamy and tasty! There clearly was not enough chocolate sauce for the pudding – had to savour the chocolate sauce..  regardless, it was a nice surprise! Definitely a great break from running errands…

This place does get extremely busy at lunch time and dinner – so make sure you book ahead… otherwise, be prepared to wait for at least 30 – 40 mins… Personally – I wouldn’t wait that long! But that’s just me.

GA’s ratings: 7/10

Butagumi Tonkatsu

7/F, Goldmark, 502 Hennessy Road

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 3428 2862

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