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Kiku… fancy Japanese

Stumbled across this restaurant, Kiku Fine Dining Japanese whilst at the Landmark shopping. It’s not the cheapest Japanese restaurant, but nothing is at the Landmark right?

Décor was simple with traditional Japanese design features. It does get extremely busy and a reservation for lunch is a must! I was lucky to be there early enough to get a table, however, I was told that I had to leave after about 1 hour, which suits me fine.

Menu was quite intensive – almost all styles of Japanese cooking and fresh seafood played an integral part on the menu – grilled, simmered, steamed, you name it, they had it! Prices also varied pending on what you order. Unfortunately, I was dining solo, which means my ordering was limited to just one person! I wanted a salad to start off with, saw Smoked Salmon and Mango Salad – and thought perfect! I am a huge fan of agedashi tofu – and tofu is usually light so ordered that and a I was craving chicken karage – so I ordered that too!

The salad came first – smoked salmon and mango salad – it was just too pretty to eat! The salad consisted of shredded cucumber, lettuce, bit of onions and carrot, which was topped with a generous serving of smoked salmon, mango and Japanese caviar roe with mayonnaise dressing. The combination of it all was simply divine, the mix salad, with the saltiness of the smoked salmon, the sweet mango and the creamy mayonnaise… it was just absolutely delightful and refreshing – I could have definitely eaten another plate of that!

Agedashi tofu came not long after, and it wasn’t what I expected! I was expecting a bowl of tofu cut into small pieces, instead just one tofu served in a small plate with seaweed and mushroom. Probably a good thing, as I have ordered too much! The tofu was definitely soft with a crunchy exterior and sauce was a little tangy.

Last but not least – chicken karage. I went through a phase where I was craving chicken karage. I was a little disappointed with the chicken karage – the chicken was not as moist / juicy / tender as I have hoped. I didn’t finish this dish as I thought it was a little dry and was getting full by this stage. The tempura was perfect, it wasn’t heavily coated, however, it would definitely have been better if the chicken was more moist and tender.

All in all – it was a great meal. Will definitely have to bring Hubby here, so I can try more things. I hear there is a Japanese grill, which provides an excellent smoky cod in miso sauce (is it as good as Nobu though?) and the stone-grilled Wagyu sirloin is also a favourite! Next time!

GA’s ratings: 6.5/10

B/F The Landmark,
16 Des Voeux Rd, Central
Hong Kong

  1. Frank Porbo
    February 21, 2010 at 2:32 am

    I love Jap food, just looks so yummy. I can just taste it just by looking at the photos!!

    • February 21, 2010 at 2:35 am

      that one ok lah…. will take u to a diff one! be ready to bring fat pants when u come over 🙂 eat eat eat!

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