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Great food, great wine, most importantly, great company! Fish Face Revisted.

Came here for dinner with two of my dearest friends, M and A! Three girls catching up over great food and wine talking about life, travel, fashion and partners – it certainly doesn’t get any better than that!

Earlier that morning, a colleague of mine took me to lunch and I was still full when I went for a run, however, when I got to the restaurant, my appetite came back! I had my best meal of 2009 here, and wanted to make sure that it was still one of the best meals I have ever had!

M and I have been to fish face many times as it is one of our favourites. I knew exactly what I wanted as I have been craving for it before I left for Hong Kong! M and A on the other hand ordered the specials… A, didn’t exactly hear what the special was, all she heard was ‘eggplant puree’ and was utterly sold!

I had the ocean trout (petuna), mushroom and leek filo pastry with sorrel sauce. It was served medium rare and was cooked to perfection. This dish has got to be their specialty and it was as good as I have remembered it, better if that’s possible.

M and A both had the pan friend garoupa with eggplant puree – they were told to eat from the thinner side to the thickest side. I think this is because the thick side would have been hot and you wouldn’t want to burn your mouth now would you? I didn’t try this as I was fixated on my ocean trout and did not want to ruin the taste that was swirling in my mouth… M and A both demolished it, so I can assume they both enjoyed it. They raved about the eggplant puree. But between you and I – I think my ocean trout was better!

This time for dessert, M and I both had the apple tart with vanilla bean ice cream. (photo bit dark! SORRY!)

The apple tart was amazing! The pastry was unbelievably thin with apple slices baked on top. Served with icing sugar, and vanilla bean ice cream, this dessert was unbelievably tasty!

A, had the lemon tart with poached peaches – I had a mouthful and this was also fantastic! The lemon tart was not too sour and was creamy… it was a ‘solid’ lemon tart and the poached peaches were tasty. it was a great compliment to the tart.

We had great conversations. A (the newly wed) completely paid me out about my lack of makeup and the horrible ‘white’ handbag I carried at my hens night. Seriously A, I don’t even remember which white handbag it was!!!! It was definitely a great night, great food and most importantly, great company!

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

132 Darlinghurst Road,

Darlinghurst, Sydney

Ph: +61 2 9332 4803

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