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Tung Po Kitchen @ North Point

I would have never found this place if a friend of ours didn’t invite us. It was his farewell; ironically he was going to Sydney to work and thought he would have his last supper with his friends at Tung Po Kitchen. This place can be found on the 2nd – 3rd floors of the wet Java Road market in North Point.

We all let J (yes I have a lot of friends whose name begins with J!) order, as he was the expert and indeed he ordered well!

Started off with Yabbies – I am not sure if I quite like this dish – as this was served cold! I am not used to eating cold yabbies – I like it hot, deep fried with lots and lots of garlic! Everyone seemed to have enjoyed this dish though… not for me I believe.

Squid ink noodles with squid ink balls – this was interesting. I have eaten squid ink pasta in Sydney before, at a gwai lo restaurant, but never in a Chinese restaurant. The noodles and squid ink balls were soft and cooked to perfection. I enjoyed this dish, but what I didn’t enjoy was having black teeth and mouth afterward!

Scallop with vermicelli was indeed tasty! However, I think it had way too much ginger for my liking – I had to pass on the garlic to hubby who demolished it with his scallops. The scallops were fresh and the vermicelli was a great a compliment.

Fried crabs with lots and lots of ginger! I am not usually a big fan of eating crabs outside of the comfort of my own home! It’s usually too messy and the effort for a little bit of meat is just too much and unappealing. However, the crab was tasty and the garlic really made it really flavoursome.

One of their signature dishes is the lotus glutinous rice with duck jus. A mountain of rice was placed before us and the aroma from the dish was just unbelievably. It smelt absolutely divine and indeed it was divine. It was extremely flavoursome, and the ingredients really did blend. It was indeed a ‘signature’ dish.

Besides the tasty food, one of the highlights was how the beer was served – in a bowl. The problem with this is that you never know how much beer you have drunk. People kept topping up my ‘cup’ which was a bowl and by the 3rd pour I really had to stay stop! It’s a dangerous way of drinking – as we found out that night – one of our friends got totally and utterly sick! It was like a bottomless bowl! I blame J for continuously pouring and ordering way too much beer. Can you believe they ran out of Heineken after 1 hour or so? Yes, I believe we drank ALL the Heineken!!!!!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Tung Po Kitchen

2/F, Java Road Market Complex

North Point, Hong Kong

PH: +852 2880 9399

  1. Frank Porbo
    March 17, 2010 at 3:30 am

    thumbs up for this place, food looks very tasty… want to try… so many places to eat, so little time!

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