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Dim Sum @ Jasmine Place

Dim Sum is always best eaten with a group of people – more choices and options and you get to eat more – which is a BONUS for me! I was seriously craving for Dim Sum so thought I would gather the ‘troops’. J suggested the place and he did ALL the ordering and you simply CAN’T go wrong when he orders!!!!

Started off with these BBQ Pork buns – and these little buns were an absolute delight! The bbq pork was warm, bun slightly sweet – it was a great start to what’s to come!

Turnip pastry – slightly crispy on the side and soft on the inside. I didn’t think I would enjoy this but boy was I wrong!

Next came the BBQ Pork puff – like the bbq pork buns these were absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t eat more than one though – think I would get a little sick!

Harkao (prawn dumplings) – a must when having dim sum – were fantastic. The pastry was thin and cooked to perfection. It wasn’t glucky or over cooked. The prawns fresh and was tasty.

Deep fried beef brisket was unbelievably fantastic! The beef was tender and moist and the batter was thin – this would have to be one of the highlights.

You always have to order vegetables – it makes the whole meal more ‘healthy’. J ordered the mix vegetables with mushroom and it was extremely flavoursome.

This had to be my favourite dish – a plate of cha siu … OH MY GAWD!!! It was so tender and succulent, it was just magnificent. We sat there eating discussing how fantastic the pork was (typical food lovers!) and how we could each eat a whole plate full!!!!

Last but not least the siu may – we were getting rather full by this stage!!! This was good but was seriously getting full…

I thought that was it… but…. ONE MORE! I didn’t get to try this as by this stage – I was literary FULL! Not quite sure what this was but as good as it looked, I simply couldn’t fit another thing in!

Good grief – we did order quite a lot! We were all utterly stuffed!! Lunch with the ‘troops’ is always fun and enjoyable! We also have great conversations and are always the loudest table (from laughter!). Thanks J for doing all the ordering and picking the restaurant. It was indeed fantastic! I had serious food coma that afternoon and could not concentrate! However, I was delectably happy!

GA’s Ratings: 8 / 10

Jasmine Place

Jardine House

1 Connaught Place

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2524 5098

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