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New friends and our love for food

This post is about friendship and food. I read a post that a friend wrote in regards to friendship (read her post here) and I seriously can’t agree with her more. I have made many ‘friends’ in the so-called networking sense but it is not the same. I wouldn’t tell them my deepest secrets, nor would I call them with my endless problems. I would go for a drink but it would be chit chat about ‘stuff’.

Moving overseas for work or for a loved one or for whatever reason can be difficult. It’s hard enough being in a country when you don’t speak the language but it’s even worse when you don’t have family and friends. I was fortunate enough to have some family and friends when Hubby and I moved to Hong Kong. They have made the move less homesick.

I am truly glad to have met some new friends here in Hong Kong, it has made the ‘experience’ more unforgettable! The foodie-troops for one are amazing. I look forward to catching up with them and getting to know each and every one of them. So when one of the troops, Miss G, called for lunch how can I say no? Good food, gossip, girlie talk? ‘Hell yes’ was my exact response.

We went to Sushi U for some Japanese food. I have read mix reviews about this place, some loved it and some were utterly disappointed. This place was buzzing with people and we were lucky enough to even get a table – the sushi bar to be exact but that suited both of us just fine.

G ordered the sashimi / sushi platter set and it was a HUGE serving! I tried one of the salmon sushi and indeed it was fresh and tasty! G totally and utterly enjoyed her meal!

I couldn’t go pass the unagi set meal. My unagi not only came on a bed of rice but also a small serving of udon soup which was fantastic. The unagi was unbelievably tasty and satisfying rich!

Both set meals came with steamed egg, miso soup, pickles and salad. The steamed egg was warm and creamy. It was truly a great appetizer.

Not only that, but we were also given the choice of coffee or green tea ice cream and of course we both opted for the green tea ice cream. The bowl was chilled so that the ice cream wouldn’t melt easily. The green tea flavour was strong and the ice cream was totally and utterly creamy!

I truly enjoyed my meal at Sushi U. The unagi was fantastic, and I am sure G would agree that her sashimi / sushi was also fantastic.

G and I had a great time catching up, talking about our respective partners, travel, work and the usual girlie chit chat which I have totally utterly missed! I realized how settled I was with my friends back home and never really made the effort to make any new ones. I am not sure why, probably because I was in a ‘funk’ and was in my comfort zone. I have met some people but I wouldn’t call them ‘friends’ as they are met through networking and it’s just not the same! However, like G, sometimes ‘I just want to make new friends’ which I have here in Hong Kong and am truly glad. I am sure I will meet more new people who will become either just acquaintances or true friends but I seriously can’t imagine life in Hong Kong without the troops!

Its food that brought us together and its food that will keep us all together! So… who’s up for either dinner or lunch soon?

GA’s ratings on Sushi U: 8 / 10

Sushi U

3/F Century Square

1 – 13 D’Aguilar Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2537 9393

  1. April 8, 2010 at 1:37 am

    I forgot how much you love your unagi!! For me, I can’t go past salmon sashimi, miso soup & agedashi tofu

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