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Part 2: Easter Long Weekend @ Jiuzhaigou

We got up early and were seriously pumped and ready to go to the Jiuzhaigou National Park. We got there at 7.30am (park opens at 7am) and there were a queue already! I thought we were the only crazy people, clearly NOT! Whilst Hubby purchased the tickets, I took a photo of the map of the National Park.

We then got on the national park bus (no cars were allowed in the national park!) and went to our first stop – the Virgin Forest.

The forest reminded me a little bit of the movie ‘twilight’ – I stupidly said this to Hubby and the moaning and eye rolling started… *sigh* he just doesn’t get it!

I’m certain there is a shot of the forest like this in the movie!

Anyway, we caught the bus back to the first stop which was Swan Lake, got off and made our way down to the Tourist Centre. It was quite a lengthy walk – a good 2 hours walk but it was worth the 2 hours walk!

Some photos of during our walks…

Arrow bamboo lake…

Panda Lake…


We got to the Tourist Centre about lunch time and caught another bus to the other side of the national park – Ze Cha Wa Valley – which stretches 18km from Nuo ri Lang to Long Lake (Chang Hai) at the joint highest point of the park. The view was stunning and the photo doesn’t do justice! We found a log, sat down, soaked in the view and were mesmerized!

We had a rest here, and realized how exhausted we were..

We got on the bus and stopped at the five coloured pool. I really wanted to see this but when we got there, I was disappointed! It wasn’t as beautiful as I have imagined and it seems like it was going to fade away shortly – which was sad. The worse thing about it was you had to go down to see the five coloured pool – the way back up to the road was  painful! I think that walk / climb to the top really killed it for me! It was a pretty steep going down, so you can imagine walking up – it wasn’t pleasant.

There was nothing really good to see on the Ze Cha Wa Valley side, so we took the bus all the way down to the town centre, and then we stopped at Tiger Lake and made our way to the Entrance of the park. This was a long walk! A good 3 – 4 hour walk but we did see some of amazing sights which again made the walk worthwhile!

We made sure we took photos of the map so we didn’t get lost! Those who knows me well knows that I am prone to getting lost… anywhere and everywhere!

A snap of one of the village we walked pass.

Part of sparkling lake…

I was absolutely exhausted by this stage, as we walked a good 5 – 6 hours! We got back to the entrance at about 4pm and thought about an early dinner.

We went back to the village and found a different place to eat – Hubby wanted noodles and I wanted some more of those xiao long baus and that is exactly what we got.

Xiao long bau – as good as yesterdays!

Got Hubby some beef noodles with chili and this was extremely spicy! The soup was drinkable unlike that hot place that we went too in Chongqing.

We also got another noodle soup –  vermicelli, egg and tomato soup – which was just as good! The vermicelli was thin and cooked to perfection, the soup tasty. The meal in total costs 30RMB which was incredibly CHEAP!

We were so tired that we had to catch a taxi back to the hotel and both got a foot massage! We both really needed the foot massage and needless to say that we both slept well that night.

This was an amazing weekend away. It wasn’t about the food – it was about the scenery and what mother nature has to offer. Hubby had such an amazing time that he wants to come back.. but this time to camp / hike for 2 – 3 days and I have stupidly said YES! I have to admit though – I think it would be unreal. I wouldn’t go camping for more than 3 days max – anymore than that and I will go insane!

Jiuzhaigou – if you have never been – I strongly advise you to go. Its beautiful, amazing, simply breath taking – the photos really don’t do any justice. My favourite photo would have to be below.. now how can you say NO to something like this?!?!?

  1. April 15, 2010 at 8:54 am

    it does look a bit twilight-ish 😀 and if i said so, it wud prompt sc to ran away from site immediately >.<

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