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Hot Pot @ Ming Kee

This post is long overdue! I came here a while back when the weather was still cool with one my longest and dearest high school friend, M and F and M’s brother. M’s brother was a little shock that she was taking me here, but hey, I’m not all about fine dining all the time! We ate on the streets of Causeway Bay behind the markets and it was fantastic!

I am not usually a fan of lamb but this lamb hot pot was surprisingly tasty. It tasted more like beef than anything else. It was lamb hot pot with vegetables, mushroom and tofu. The soup was incredible and full of flavour. I could easily drink the soup on its own – it was delicious!

We also ordered razor clams – a favourite of mine. Cooked in black bean sauce and chili this was absolutely delicious!

Next came the scallops with garlic, vermicelli and mushrooms. There were too much garlic for my liking but the combination of garlic, vermicelli and mushroom was a great compliment. The scallops were fresh and fantastic.

We ordered a plate of salt and pepper calamari and fried rice – which I forgot to take a picture off. The salt and pepper calamari was light, however, the fried rice were a little oily for my liking. It was good but just a little too oily!

It was a great to eat on the streets – not something you get to do in Sydney. I have eaten many times on the streets in Indonesia but unless you have a stomach of steel (and I am not talking about abs here!) I wouldn’t recommend it. This was a great meal with great friends, what more can I ask for?

Fantastic meal yet again, M, and I look forward to our next dinner!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  1. Frank Porbo
    April 21, 2010 at 12:58 am

    excellent place, thanks for taking me here. after eating so much chinese seafood during the trip, this comes as a refreshing change. the sauces are different and delicious. everything we ordered was pretty good, even the good old fried rice i give 2 thumbs up for.

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