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Sydney, here i come… again…

I am going to Sydney for work … again… and although I am not 100% looking forward to working, I am looking forward to catching up with friends and eating out. I am especially looking forward to mum’s cooking! You don’t get food like this except at mums!

I am looking forward to some home made sate ayam amongst other things….

She is an AMAZING chef, she learnt from her mother (my grandmother) and her mothers mother (my great grandmother). I have wanted to learn the recipe that has been passed down from generations to generations but seriously… I don’t know where they get the time to cook these dishes. Some of the best dishes that mum makes require 3 – 4 hours of preparation – that’s just too long! On weekends it’s probably doable, but on a weekday – I need something that requires less than 5 ingredients, and less than 30 mins to cook!

I was trying to compile a list of food that I was craving or wanted to eat whilst in Sydney. However, the last time I was there (read review here), which was about 2 months ago, I managed to cram everything in that ONE WEEK! I ate 3 times a day for 8 days, so everything that I wanted to try was covered! Needless to say, I came back to Hong Kong with extra ‘baggage’! I certainly won’t be making that mistake again!

This time round, I am in Sydney for a longer period of time, 17 days to be exact, but if you count the 2 days I am flying in and out, that would be 15 days! Will definitely need to space out the eating! I really don’t think I can eat 3 times a day (out) for 15 days… I would come back looking like a hippo!

In no particular order, a list of places I wouldn’t mind eating at….

  1. Universal (came here a couple of times before and it was fantastic!)
  2. Sel et poivre (another favourite of mine)
  3. Bills (now that’s a MUST!)
  4. Café XXII (I came here twice last time I came back, and its just simply fantastic!)
  5. Pinanggsia (for their bakso goreng!)
  6. Ayam Goren 99, Java, Shalom, Bali Stick to name a few Indonesian restaurants
  7. Fratelli Paradiso (either brunch or lunch!)
  8. Uchi Lounge (for some good Japanese and sake!)
  9. Balzac (for their bread and butter pudding)
  10. Hurricanes (RIBS!)
  11. Etch (casual but yet nice)
  12. Plan b (wagyu burger)
  13. Four ate Five (new café at Surry Hills)
  14. Café Belganny (how can I forget their bircher muesli!)
  15. Red Roll (vietnamese bread)
  16. Black Star Pastry
  17. Adriano Zumbo
  18. Bourke Street Bakery
  19. Aria and last but not least

I think that should be a ‘sufficient’ list of places to eat? I am sure there are others – any other recommendations? I am sure M, A, A, S, C will want to try new restaurants. Did I eat everything last time? No, I didn’t, I had a list of 13 places (including mum’s cooking) and got through about 8.

I do feel sorry for Hubby though, the last time I went to Sydney for a week – he made a WHOLE POT of Spaghetti Bolognaise and ate that for 6 days straight!!! See below for the huge pot! I don’t understand why, considering there are heaps of restaurants near where we live! *sigh* – boys will be boys!

I will be thinking of you, Hubby, whilst eating out and indulging in delicious food. Promise to send you photos. I think he said, this time round, he will make a whole pot of fried rice. *sigh*

I am hoping the weather will be nice. Hoping to run a couple of times around the harbor before the half marathon – yes I am crazy! I blame it all on J and the alcohol that night, I don’t think I would ever agree to a half marathon if sober!

I am counting down to how many days I get to eat Mum’s cooking, hanging with my brother and parents, and seeing my friends. I might even bake on the weekend – oh my – will I remember how to bake? It certainly has been a while!!!

See you in Sydney peeps…. I am looking forward to catching up with each and everyone of you… you know who you are!

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