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Birthday dinner at Wooloomooloo

It was one of Hubby’s colleague birthdays and her beloved Husband organized a birthday get together at Wooloomooloo. We started off at the roof top for some drinks. I thought it was a little odd that they didn’t have a liquor license, well not yet anyway, hence could not sell / serve any alcohol! However, we were ‘allowed’ to bring alcohol up from the restaurant, which again I thought was a little weird. The roof top at Wooloomooloo has a fantastic view! Is it as good as Sevva? It’s clearly a competition that’s for sure! The fact that they still don’t have the liquor license clearly makes Sevva a better option! Going down to the restaurant to buy drinks can be a real pain! Still, it’s worth a visit if you haven’t been.

So… dinner…. after a few drinks we finally adjourned downstairs for some food. It was rather cold that evening, so everyone was eager to sit and order. We were seated in the corner room which was extremely nice, it was semi private, and had a view of the harbour.  There were about 24 of us, so it was nice that we got this semi private room!

We started off with fresh bread and butter. Bread was indeed fresh and warm – it was slightly crunchy on the outside but warm in the inside.

Hubby and I thought we’d share an entrée, my pick of course! Ordered the fresh sushi grade tuna tartare (freshly chopped tuna with shallots, capers, herbs and wasabi mayonnaise). It was so nicely presented that I didn’t want to eat it.

The tuna tartare was fresh and delicious, however, a little salty for both of us. The combination of the shallots, capers, fish roe was just delightful. I think we would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t so salty!

I was tempted to order pork belly, but considering it’s a ‘steak’ house, thought I should order steak… everyone on the table was ordering steak! Got the smallest steak available, which was 8 ounce, filet diane – beef tenderloin served on a crouton and topped with creamy five peppercorn cognac sauce. It had me at ‘cognac’! I am not usually a bit meat eater – can’t usually eat a whole slab of meat, hence the smaller size. It was cooked the way I wanted it – which was medium rare, it was tender and succulent. Unfortunately, the peppercorn sauce was just ok, I didn’t really taste the cognac! It tasted better with the seeded mustard I thought. However, it was still quite enjoyable.

Hubby, like any other boy, absolutely LOVES meat! He ordered the rib eye – 12 once with mushroom sauce, medium rare and it was also tender and juicy. The mushroom sauce was a great compliment.

We ordered some side dishes for the table, French fries, sautéed spinach with mushrooms, grilled asparagus with hollandaise sauce (which was delicious!) and cream of cabbage and bacon (the only one I took a photo of!). All the side dishes were great. I loved the grilled asparagus, and the cream of cabbage and bacon.

For dessert, we bought the birthday girl cakes from awfully chocolate. We got her two cakes – chocolate cake and chocolate rum and cherry cake. I loved the chocolate cake – it was so light and fluffy. It was perfect with my tea.

The birthday girl was a little surprised with the cake, but we all had a great time, drinking and eating. Pity it was a little chilly that night, it would have been nice to have another drink on the roof top!

Happy birthday dear friend.. hope all your dreams and wishes come true! Here’s to another great year ahead!

GA’s rating on Wooloomooloo: 7 / 10

31F and roof top The Hennessy

256 Hennessy Road

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2893 6960

GA’s rating on Awfully Chocolate: 7 / 10

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