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Amazing lunch @ Etch, Sydney

I have been to this place a couple of times now, with friends and with clients and every time, it has been fantastic. There’s a guy at work, S, whom I sit next to – he is more than just a ‘colleague’, a friend that I could always turn too – have never been here, so thought I would take him there. The last time I came back to Sydney he took me to this place called SeLAH (read review here) and that was fantastic! So the pressure was on to find something as equally good or even better!

This restaurant has been around for a while now, a couple of years and it’s the sister restaurant of Becasse, owner Justin North. Etch is quite different to Becasse, it’s definitely more relaxed and casual and not as pricey. The ambiance is non pretentious, and waiters friendly and tentative.

S and I (we both have the same first name initials!), believe it or not, ordered the same entrée. I personally couldn’t go pass the Caramelized pork head, roasted prawn, pickled rhubarb, kohlrabi puree. S was originally going to order the Beetroot cured Ocean Trout Petuna, but when I told him I was going to order the pork head, he couldn’t resist.

Three words – OH MY GAWD! The caramelized pork head was unbelievable! It was so tender and succulent that it just melted in my mouth. The pickled rhubarb and kohlrabi puree were incredible. There are no words to describe all the different flavours together. It was just sensational! Each mouthful was better than the next. I just couldn’t stop eating until there were no more, and even then, I said to S, I could have easily eaten another 2 or 3 of the pork head. It was just marvelous!

It took me a while to decide on my main, partly because I wanted the caramelized short rib, but thought two caramelized dish would be a little too much. However, after perusing the other mains, the caramelized short rib of beef, spinach, glazed royal blues, horseradish won! Doesn’t it look amazing?

Was it as good as it looked? It was even better! The beef was so juicy and tender, the knife seriously cut right through it. The horseradish puree – amazing! The combination of it all was indescribable and totally and utterly mouth watering. The spinach and potatoes were a great compliment, but the beef…. Simply mouth watering.

S, ordered the local sea bream, crumbed scampi, fennel puree, citrus a la Grecque. The fish was fresh and moist, the fennel puree, celery, and tomatoes were a great compliment. I had to try some, the combination of it all, was flavorsome.

Was it as good as mine? NO, I would have to say the beef was the winner! However, we both totally and utterly enjoyed the caramelized pork head!

Unfortunately, we were both too full for dessert, so didn’t have any. Although the menu did look good – caramel date tart (hmhmh, surely I have had enough caramelized dish?), Chocolate peanut butter mille feuille… hmhmhm..

Writing this post made me hungry again. I have probably said this before, I am coming back, which I have, and will do so again in the near future!! Ordering two caramalized dish was a tad rich though, but it was exactly what I wanted! From memory, my past experience here at Etch has also been amazing, the food is consistently fantastic. I have yet to have a disappointing meal here, so if you haven’t been, I would recommend trying it! Make a reservation if you are thinking of going for lunch, it does get busy. I think this is the ‘new’ local for business work lunches – I know some of my colleagues at work have been here 3 times in the last 5 weeks!

GA’s rating: 8.5 / 10


62 Bridge Street

Sydney, 2000

PH: +61 2 9247 4777

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  1. Kevin
    May 5, 2010 at 7:17 am

    A tower of yum!! 🙂

  2. November 2, 2010 at 1:48 am

    Etch is one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney; flexible opening hours, deliciously sublime food at a reasonable price, and the desserts are superb (I had the orange cake last weekend)!

    • November 2, 2010 at 5:45 am

      hey there 🙂 thanks for dropping by! I agree – i quite like etch. i work near there, so its our ‘local’.

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