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Uchi Lounge, Sake Bar

This was on my list of places to eat whilst in Sydney. I have had fond memories of this place, Japanese food, sake… the two goes hand in hand but too much of the latter could be extremely dangerous! I was craving for the miso eggplant so thought I would suggest it to a couple of friends whom I met whilst in Hong Kong (one of them, J, is doing the half marathon with me. However, he is seriously fitter than me and runs a LOT faster than me!)

It’s not your typical traditional Japanese food, it’s quite ‘fusion’ and different – could be why I liked it in the first place! However, tonight’s meal was a little disappointing; I thought it was quite ordinary and nothing really special. I can’t remember why I wanted to go back here. I mean, it made it on my list of places to eat! Not quite sure how that happened.

We started with the tofu and nira gyoza with garlic, chili and soy ponzu. The gyoza were extremely crispy on the outside, which was nice, however, it lacked flavour. I couldn’t taste any of the garlic or chili and to be frank, tofu gyoza is a little weird. It was ‘interesting’, not in a bad way, but in a non-exciting kind of way. It was quite ordinary I thought.

Then came the tempura chicken pieces wrapped in nori seaweed. The tempura wasn’t really crispy, not like the gyoza, and the chicken pieces were just ok, nothing special. The mustard sauce, however, was a great compliment! I think without it, it was a little dull.

I was feeling a little disappointed by this stage, I wasn’t sure where I was getting the ‘fond’ memories from. However, the grilled eggplant with miso and parmesan was absolutely fantastic! It was as good as I remembered it. The eggplant soft and tender, the miso was fantastic – although I think they could have put a little bit more of it! We enjoyed this dish so much that we ordered TWO servings of it! It was a tad oily, but it was definitely satisfying.

We then ordered the scallops sashimi, this was incredibly fresh and tasty. It wasn’t slimy at all which was good – I am not a big fan of slimy sashimi! (sorry photo a little bit blurry!)

Next came the medium-rare beef steak with chilled wasabi mash. The beef was tender and succulent. The wasabi mash fantastic! Who would have thought, wasabi mash? Will definitely have to give that one ago at home. The salads that came with it were a little bland and tasteless. The beef, and wasabi mash made up for it!

Last but not least, the sashimi platter. The sashimi were fresh, however, again, it was nothing special. It would have been nice if the waiter told us that the scallops sashimi was in the sashimi platter. At $5 a pop, its not cheap! It was good, but we could have ordered something else.

Overall, I was a little disappointed. I am not quite sure what made me come back – it must have been just the miso eggplant, however, surely that’s not the only reason I would come back to a restaurant? I can’t believe I am about to say this, however, Hubby did suggest a different Japanese restaurant. I probably should have listened to him this time round! He said that this place was just ordinary and nothing special and surprisingly, he was right!

I wouldn’t say it was a bad meal, there is really nothing to rave about, well except for the miso eggplant. Every single table that night ordered the miso eggplant. J claims that he can make the eggplant and I have offered to become the guinea pig!

The company was indeed fantastic! We ordered a bottle of sake, I made sure I didn’t drink too much, I didn’t want to commit to something crazy again, like a triathlon or a full marathon – that would just be CRAZY!

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Uchi Lounge

15 Brisbane Street

Surry Hills, 2010

Sydney, Australia

Ph: +61 2 9261 3524

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