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Home cooked meal @ Manly with Mr P

Most of you have heard about P, the guy who came up with the name of this blog! We met a while back at soccer, a good 5 – 6 years now. He now lives in Manly, with his wife, C and child, T. C also loves her food. Both P and C used to live in Hong Kong, for a good 1.5 years and have the low down on places to eat.

I didn’t get to see P the last time I was in Sydney, we were both too busy and couldn’t find time. This time though, I was keen to see them and catch up and see T again.

We had dinner at their new place in Manly, caught a ferry there. I was a little worried, as I get motion sickness, however, the ride was short enough, 15 mins to be exact so I didn’t get sick. Whilst waiting for P, I managed to take a photo of the Sydney Harbour at night…

Their house – one word – AMAZING! It could be my ‘dream house’, they have my dream kitchen that’s for sure, an island in the middle of the kitchen where you can prepare your food or it could even turn into casual eating area. Their house is big enough for the three of them, plus more, it’s overlooking the harbor, which would be fantastic for New Years Eve. It was just incredible!

Now, baby T, he has grown! Last time I saw him was in Chicago last year, he was still a baby, he is no longer baby anymore – he is a grown up boy! Cute, adorable and extremely talkative, well baby talk that is!

P and C decided to cook dinner for me, which was seriously very kind of them! They made Moroccan chicken with couscous and it was sensational. The Moroccan Chicken was tender, succulent, full of flavour. It had a nice sweetness flavour from the sultana and a nice tang from the lemon and yogurt. It was definitely yummy. Even T enjoyed the chicken!

The couscous was a great compliment, it was soft and delicious.

It was a fantastic meal with two of my dearest friends, P and C. They are indeed fantastic chef. We ended the meal with creamy vanilla ice cream and strawberries. It was light and definitely tasty.

I don’t get to see P and C very often now that I am in Hong Kong. I am looking forward to seeing all three of them in Hong Kong soon! C, I think we should do a couple of high teas whilst you are there. I do look forward to it!

P wanted me to rate his cooking and P, it was the best meal that week! It was cooked with lots of love! As much as I enjoy dining out, nothing beats a nice home cooked meal with friends!

It was great catching up with you both, and I do look forward to seeing you next week and in Hong Kong!

I am sure Hubby would have enjoyed dinner!

  1. P
    July 11, 2011 at 5:59 am

    Would you believe that I only just saw this one. So funny to read your comments 1 year on. We are still overdue for a catch up!

    • July 11, 2011 at 6:02 am

      HELLO!!!!!! we are indeed overdue for a catch up 🙂 lets do lunch… will email you! xx

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