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Masuya, still one of my favourite Japanese Restaurant in Sydney

I love Japanese food, and Masuya has got to be one of my favourites. I have been craving Japanese food for a while now and after my disappointing dinner at Uchi Lounge (read review here), I was definitely keen to go somewhere where I knew I could get good Japanese food!

Masuya has been around for a while now, it is part of the Masuya group (which also consists of Makoto, Musashi and Miso). I have been here many times, mostly for dinner but this time, for lunch.

I was meeting one of my dearest friend, B, my gym buddy, my shopping buddy, and most importantly, my eating buddy! We spent a lot of time together when I was on gardening leave, we ate our way around Surry Hills! Pity I didn’t have my blog then, as we had the most amazing lunches / dinners around Surry Hills. Needless to say, our gym efforts really had no effect! I think we were more often at a cafe / restaurant than at the gym! I have missed her since my move to Hong Kong, and I am sure she feels the same way! So when I suggested we should have lunch here, she couldn’t refuse!

We thought we would start with a classic – it may not be the most traditional or the most exciting, but it is still a favourite of ours, teriyaki chicken. The chicken was incredibly tender, and teriyaki sauce was full of flavour. It wasn’t your typical teriyaki chicken, I have never really seen it served with chili, but the hint of spiciness really gave it a nice kick. The mash potato was cold, however, deliciously creamy.

Next, the sashimi deluxe platter, I LOVE sashimi and can eat this every day. The sashimi was top quality, fresh and deceptively filling! Mind you, there were only two of us, and we ordered 3 dishes! My favourite was definitely the sashimi salmon and the sweet scallop slices with fish roe! I don’t usually like scallop as I find them slimy but it was quite the opposite! Everything on the platter was absolutely delicious and fresh.

I have never ordered this, and my goodness, where have I been? How come I have never seen this on the menu before? It’s called Jewfish Masuya’s way, and when placed in front of us, I looked at B and without saying a word, I am quite certain we were both thinking the same thing ‘where is the fish?’ I cut through the crispy potato and saw a fillet of jewish which has been encased by finely sliced potato, baked (I assume) until they are like crunchy French fries. The fish, which as inside the chips was perfectly cooked, and served with a dill lime butter sauce and soy sauce. The sauce was addictive, and the potatoes were even more addictive. I couldn’t help but clean the plate (i.e. eat all the potatoes that were left behind on the plate in the sauce!) This was different, something I have never tasted but was pleasantly surprised! It was quite amazing!

B and I truly and utterly enjoyed every single dish. I personally enjoyed catching up with B, it certainly has been a while since I last saw or caught up with her! We had 6 months worth of gossip to catch up on and I am quite certain that we didn’t get to all of it! I have missed her dearly, and I can’t wait to catch up with her on a regular basis when I get back!

I can’t remember the last time I was here at Makoto, it might have been 2 years ago for Father’s day. I have very very fond memories of this place, it is still one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Sydney. The food is consistently fantastic, and so is the service. It can get really noisy and rowdy when busy though! But still, I have yet to have a bad meal here. Lunch today was definitely satisfying!

GA’s rating: 8 / 10

Masuya Restaurant

Lower Level, 12 – 14 O’Connell Street

Sydney, 2000

Ph: +61 2 9235 2717

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