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High Tea @ Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon

There is something about high tea that I absolutely love. I mean, scones, desserts, tea – what’s there not to like? Especially if you go with friends to catch up on gossip and life in general. It’s not something I do very often but it is definitely something that I do enjoy doing once in a while. I remember doing High Tea for my hens (thanks to my bridesmaid, M, for organising it!) and have also been to others in Sydney. The best thing about it is that it can be enjoyed by everyone including the male population, although some won’t admit to that!

I have been dying to try Le Salon de Thé de Joël Robuchon for a while now. It was the day before I had to fly back to Sydney for work and Hubby took the day off to spend with me. We didn’t do much during the day, and shopping was just not an option, so he suggested High Tea (he knows how much I love high tea!)

High Tea for 2:

Top section from left to right: Sandwiches

Premium ham with mustard seed sandwich: this was nice but nothing really special. Wasn’t a favourite of Hubbys as he doesn’t like ham!

Norwegian smoked salmon and caviar sandwich: I absolutely love this, but only cause I love love smoke salmon and caviar.

Tuna and fresh mache pave sandwich: again this was nothing special, Hubby enjoyed it more than me as he loves tuna.

Lobster sandwich flavoured with tarragon sandwich: this was absolutely delicious – fresh tasting lobster – it was divine.

Bottom section from left to right: Scones

Natural scones: I only had a bit of this, as Hubby doesn’t like lemon and raisins scones (well the raisins really). This was delicious, although a little dry for my liking.

Lemon and raisin scones: like the natural scones, this was delicious but a little dry for my liking.

The strawberry jam was too die for, fresh strawberry pieces. It wasn’t too sweet nor too sour and the cream was just creamy! I love scones with good strawberry jam and cream! It was fantastic!

Now on to the sweets, from left to right:

Paris-brest: this to me tasted like a chocolate éclair – I am not a huge fan of éclairs only cause they are way too sweet and this was a little tad too sweet for my liking.

Blueberry cheese cake: this was creamy and soft, but nothing special. I have had better cheese cake before.

Mont-blanc: white chocolate and chestnut cream with a lemon centre, I didn’t really enjoy this one, only cause I don’t like white chocolate. However, hubby absolutely loved it, the combination of the different flavours were fantastic (or so he claims)

Exotique: white chocolate and passionfruit cake, again I didn’t like this one as much – white chocolate? However, Hubby agreed that the white chocolate was over powering.

Macaroon ganache: mini macaroons – this was Hubby’s favourite. I got half a mini macaroon as he ate the rest of it. This was definitely his favourite.

Petit fours: lemon cake, chocolate nut crunch and fruit jellies. I utterly enjoyed this, the lemon cake was soft and moist and not as sweet as the other desserts. The chocolate nut crunch was just to die for, chocolate and peanuts? What not to like?

The high tea at Joel Robuchon was presented in an artistic manner that it was almost too pretty or too beautiful to eat – I couldn’t stop taking photos! The presentation was just fantastic, it was different to other high teas I’ve been where the food usually comes in a 3 tier plate. Although not all of the food was a hit for me, it was still quite delicious. I absolutely loved the Norwegian smoked salmon and caviar sandwich and the lobster sandwich. However, the lemon cake and chocolate nut crunch was a hit!

It was a good way to spend the afternoon with Hubby, people watching and talking about life in general. I’m sure he had a fantastic day off… I mean, ps3 in the morning, then high tea, then movies? How is that not a perfect day?

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Shop 315, The Landmark

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2166 9088

  1. Frank
    June 7, 2010 at 3:48 am

    Is it wrong that I want to go and have high tea?

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