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Pho Vietnamese Restaurant, TST

Good Vietnamese food is hard to find in Hong Kong. You would think otherwise, however, I have not found a place that does good pho in Hong Kong! I admit, I haven’t been to many Vietnamese restaurants, and have not started the search for good pho, however, after being disappointed 2 – 3 times in a row, I have just given up! I know where to get good pho in Sydney and make sure I get my fix when I am there.

I was having lunch with a good friend of mine, and her son in TST, I was craving for fried chicken – not Kentucky Fried Chicken but good Vietnamese or Indonesian fried chicken! Alas, none of the Indonesian restaurants here does fried chicken like mums or in Indonesia. My Friend, J, was craving for some Vietnamese so we decided to go to this place. She has been here before and said the pho was ‘pretty good, not like in Sydney though but still good’.

It was too hot for pho, and I was craving for fried chicken. To my dismay, there didn’t have any fried chicken! I perused the menu not once, twice, but three times, and yes, NO fried chicken! So I ordered the next best thing, fried pork chop – not the same but I am hoping that it will fix my fried cravings! As the waiter brought my dish towards me, our reactions were OMG – I think I may have said that loudly as well. A plate of fried pork chop and BRIGHT GREEN RICE was placed in front of me. I guess I didn’t read pass ‘deep fried pork chop’ on the menu! When I looked at the menu again, it actually said that it was served with pandan and coconut rice. I was used to seeing pork chop with tomato rice that I assumed that was what I was getting. The pork chop was succulent, the batter thin and crispy! It definitely satisfied my fried cravings. It’s not the same as fried chicken though, but it did do the trick. The bright green pandan rice was a little weird for me. It was sweet with a hint of coconut. Definitely not a big fan!

J ordered the cold noodles with pork chop and noodles. I had a bit of the noodles, and although I am not a fan of cold noodles this was incredibly tasty. J added some sauce to it, the sweet chili sauce amongst others to make it extremely flavoursome! She demolished her meal, so I guess that’s an indication that she thoroughly enjoyed it!

The menu had a variety of noodles dishes – hot and cold served with all different types of meat, poultry and fish. The rice dish wasn’t as extensive, and the pandan coconut rice was too weird for my taste buds. The service was good, waiter was tentative, and good value for money.

Although I didn’t satisfy my fried chicken cravings, the pork chop did hit the spot. I am still in search for the best Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong, not only for the pho but also for their fried chicken with tomato rice – or is that just a Sydney thing?

Where is your favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong?

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10

Pho Vietnamese Restaurant

2/F Ashley Centre, 23-25 Ashley Road

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2736 7177

  1. Frank
    June 7, 2010 at 3:42 am

    havent had viet since the last time we went to warung podjok… pandan rice is strange as man, but hey different folks different strokes

    • June 7, 2010 at 3:46 am

      yeah it was a little weird to be honest! but i want some fried chicken with tomato fried rice 🙂

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