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A night of good food and catching up with high school buddies

A high school friend of mine, S, is in town visiting family. I was supposed to catch up with her whilst I was in Sydney but didn’t get a chance too. It’s funny how I see more of my friends here in Hong Kong (when they come and visit their family) than in Sydney! I can’t believe I have known S for almost 20 years! My goodness, it has definitely been one beautiful friendship!

M suggested we go to Maxim Palace at City Hall for dinner. I was a little surprised that M picked a ‘fancy’ place. But she wanted somewhere quiet where we can talk and hear each other speak. It was a nice restaurant, set up like a wedding venue. I have heard many good things about their dim sum, so will have to give it ago.

M has been craving for winter melon soup for a while now, so that was a must! (She has been talking about it for weeks now!) The winter melon soup came in a large gold container that looked like a dinosaur egg (not that I have seen one in real life!) but it was a VERY large container.

The winter melon was inside the gold container, which I thought was SUPER COOL!

We were each given a bowl of the soup. It was served with a mixture of duck, chicken, fish, prawns and vegetables. The winter melon itself was soft and cooked to perfection. The soup was surprisingly light and full of flavour.  It was extremely refreshing. Between the three of us, we all had 4 servings of the soup! I still can’t believe that we finished it all! It was light, so I keep telling myself!

The fried chicken came next. The skin was incredibly crispy and tasty; the chicken was moist and tender. It was absolutely delicious.

We also ordered a serving of vegetables which was fantastic. It was cooked to perfection with a hint of chili.

You would think after all that food we would be stuffed! But alas, NO, we were craving something sweet. However, nothing on the menu at Maxim Palace appealed to us. I was craving for a pineapple bun, which they didn’t have, so S suggested we go to tsui wah, somewhere that had pineapple bun.

Believe it or not, we ended up at tsui wah and had MORE food!! I couldn’t go pass the pineapple bun, so ordered that. It was a little disappointing though – the pineapple topping was a little hard for my liking, however the bun itself was quite soft. It wasn’t the best pineapple bun but it did satisfy a little of the cravings.

Toasted bread with condensed milk… OMG… I forgot how good this was! I remember how my parents used to make this whilst we were young, and absolutely loved it! It was deliciously sweet, and absolutely tasty. It brought me back to my childhood!

M suggested we order the scrambled eggs with ham and cheese on a toasted bun. The eggs were creamy and the combination of the eggs, ham and cheese were just fantastic. I could feel my arteries about burst, and my cholesterol sky rocketing. This was just phenomenal but so SO bad for you! Why are all things (i.e. food) bad for you taste SO good?

To our disgust, we finished all the food and were absolutely stuffed! It was good though, the food, the sweets, the company, it was definitely a fantastic evening!

I am looking forward to catching up with S again before she heads back to Sydney. Still can’t believe that we have known each for two decades! That’s almost my whole life! We didn’t live in the same state during University, as she pursued her degree elsewhere but I am glad to say that we have remained great friends! I can’t forget about M!! She has been my life saver the past year and has made this move so much easier. We have known each other for over a decade and has been one of my dearest and closest friends since high school!

To friends forever, and for our love of food!

GA’s rating Maxim Palace Restaurant: 7.5 / 10

GA’s rating tsui wah: 7.5 / 10

Maxim Palace Restaurant

3/F, City Hall, 5-7 Edinburgh Place

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2521 1303

Tsui Wah Restaurant

G/F, 12-13 Jubilee Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2542 1255

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