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Breakfast with two of my dearest high school buddies

My high school friend S is here for a couple of weeks, so thought we would catch up a couple of times before she heads back to Sydney. Considering we had dinner last time, thought we would do breakfast / brunch this time. Thanks to our local Hong Kong tour guide, M, she suggested we go to Kam Fung in Wanchai.

It’s a small restaurant, busy and crowded, but thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long for a table. Tables were small, and people were cramped into the tiny restaurant. I knew exactly what I wanted, which is a rare occasion! I wanted a bo lo bau, a pineapple bun, and apparently, it’s one of the best pineapple bun in Hong Kong! Was it the best? Well I am no expert, but it was absolutely fantastic. The topping was deliciously sweet, the bun, dense and warm – it was divine. I demolished this within seconds and felt a little sick as I ate too quickly!

Also ordered a glass of the ice milk tea – it wasn’t too sweet or milky, it was surprisingly perfect with my pineapple bun. I have to admit though, I may have over dozed on sugar and was on a sugar high!!!

They are also known for their chicken pie – unfortunately, we were there too early for the chicken pie, hence did not have any. I was looking forward to trying some – will definitely have to go back and try it in the afternoon.

Unfortunately with these places, you can’t sit there for hours to just chat and catch up. The turnover is quite quick and although it wasn’t super busy, we left and tried to find another place where we can gossip and reminisce about the past.

M suggested we go to Café Corridor which is the sister café of Coffee Assembly (read review here). It’s called Café Corridor for a reason, to get to the café, one need to walk through a long corridor. I wouldn’t have found this place if M didn’t take us there. It’s a small place, cozy but not as cozy as Coffee Assembly.

I ordered the Americano with milk on the side. I thought the coffee was a little ‘burnt’. It was seriously bitter and wasn’t as good as the coffee in Coffee Assembly.

M ordered the cappuccino, she too thought the coffee tasted a little ‘burnt’.

S ordered the café latte, she thoroughly enjoyed hers, and claimed it was the best coffee she had thus far in Hong Kong… she has yet to try Coffee Assembly!

There’s quite a contrast between the two cafés. Coffee Assembly is definitely more relaxing and homier, Café Corridor is definitely more of a business venue than anything else. I definitely prefer Coffee Assembly for its venue AND its coffee.

I always enjoy catching up with friends, especially two of my oldest high school friends. It was indeed a pleasure ladies, a pleasure!

GA’s ratings for Kam Fung Restaurant: 7.5/ 10

G/F, Spring Garden Mansion,

41 Spring Garden Lane

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2572 0526

GA’s ratings for Café Corridor: 6 / 10

G/F, 26A Russell Street,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2892 2927

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