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Last Supper (well Breakfast) @ Tsui Wah with my dearest friend

It was almost time for S to head back to Sydney, so a last catch up was in order. We thought breakfast would be easiest for M, however, M couldn’t make it that day, so it was just S and I.

We met at Causeway Bay (‘CWB’) and although M couldn’t make it, she had a venue in mind, Tsui Wah. God bless her, we would have been lost and wandered all around CWB for something to eat!

I didn’t feel like noodles or congee, it was a pretty muggy and sticky day, so got something simple which I knew I would enjoy. Toast with condensed milk and ice milk tea. Not so great for the sugar levels, as I totally utterly over dozed on condensed milk and sugar but boy… it was satisfying!

S ordered the special, beef satay noodles, scrambled eggs and bread and warm milk tea. I didn’t try any of the beef satay noodles, only cause I didn’t feel like noodles but S said that it was good and enjoyed it. It reminded her of her childhood. The scrambled eggs looked a little dry to me, as I prefer it creamy and moist.

I love the ‘black and white’ tea cups that they serve in this Tsui Wah. I was tempted to take one home but of course I didn’t.

We sat there for hours, just gossiping and catching up. We went to Japan together in year 10, as exchange students for about 3 months to learn Japanese – it was one of the best / funniest trips, all the shenanigans, sight seeing and eating. Of course the aim was to improve our Japanese, and it did! Unfortunately I have forgotten it all except for maybe the day to day basic survival phrases. Those were definitely good times! What happened in Japan, will of course STAY in Japan.. right?

It was good catching up with S, pity M couldn’t join us! Will see you again in Sydney sometimes soon dear friend!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Tsui Wah

G/F, 493-495 Jaffe Road,

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2892 2633

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