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Padang Indonesian Restaurant in CWB

My neighbour, A, was craving for some Indonesian food. We have been at least once a week the past fortnight and she was STILL craving for it! I can understand though, I have been craving for some of Mum’s Indonesian food and am looking forward to stuffing myself with Indonesian goodness for about 2 weeks at the end of July! There will be no diets and no holding back, I will eat whatever I want and see and believe me, there will be a list and my cousin will help me concur that list!

I have had mix reviews about this place, I personally haven’t been and neither has A. She has bought snacks (i.e. cakes and sweets) from this place and thought it was ok. So we came here one afternoon for lunch, it was after the rush hour, so we didn’t really have to wait for a table.

The menu was extensive; we perused it for a good 5 mins and couldn’t decide what we wanted until we saw the set lunch! A bit of everything, like nasi campur, plus soup and dessert!

They also had different types of drinks, ranging from es cendol, es campur, es koproy to juice apokat (avocado) and many more. I couldn’t go pass the es cendol with durian! It had me at ‘durian’. The drink came, and although it looked more like a chocolate sundae with durian, it was absolutely delicious. The cream on top was a bit weird, so that had to be removed. However, it consisted of cendol, red bean, jack fruit, and lots and lots of durian! I was definitely in durian heaven…. It was a little sweet but absolutely delicious!

We were both given a tray of food – at first I thought we were to share it, but no… two trays of delicious goodness arrived. My eyes lit up, chicken satay, gado-gado, and sop (vegetables soup with chicken). The chicken satay was good, the chicken was tender and the peanut sauce authentic. The gado-gado, albeit small serving, was satisfying! The sop was ok, I still prefer mum’s authentic sop but it was still not bad.

Then came another tray of food… Oh my god… beef rendang, chicken kurry, perkedel (Indonesian croquette), telor belado (Balinese egg) and mix of peanuts and dried fish. The beef rendang was delicious, beef tender and succulent, and the sauce, although a little oily was full of flavour. The chicken curry was also tasty. The perkedel I thought was a little weird, but nothing beats Mum’s perdekel though, still the best I have eaten. The Balinese egg was fantastic, it’s a simple dish but it’s all about the chili – it was spicy and flavousome.

I was deliciously stuffed! Then came…. Desserts… wow! We didn’t even eat the dessert, we both took one home. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat this, as Hubby ate it that night. His comments ‘good, coconut like, not sweet enough’. He finished it before I even said ‘can I try some?’ *sigh*

I hear the chicken noodles are supposedly good but we were stuffed! This restaurant is very different to Warung Malang (read review here), it’s more up-market, not so ghetto. Even though we didn’t try everything, the nasi campur gave us a taste of a little bit of everything. Hopefully the rest of the dishes are just as good and lives up to that ‘expectation’.

Ga’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Padang Indonesian Restaurant

Shop 1&2, JP Plaza, 22-36 Paterson Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2881 5075

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