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Another Sublime meal @ Tim’s Kitchen, Sheung Wan

I first went to Tim’s Kitchen in January for my birthday (read review here). We had such a fantastic meal that Hubby was keen to go back again with MG. I was worried that we couldn’t get table but little did I know that they have moved to a bigger and ‘up market’ venue! The restaurant is still in Sheung Wan, one street down from Jervois Street and I have to say, they have definitely done well for themselves! It’s no longer a small, old, and cozy restaurant where you have two sitting; it’s now more spacious, fancier, 2 levels and no more waiting for weeks for a reservation.

I called that day to make a reservation and made sure I placed 3 orders of braised crab claw with winter melon. We enjoyed this so much the first time that we had to get it again, and of course for MG to try it!

We started off with the thousand year old egg with ginger. I didn’t think MG would like this, but he most certainly did! I love this dish, it is an acquired taste. I know a lot of my gwai lo friends don’t enjoy this dish, so was a little surprised when MG thought it was ‘delish’.

We started off with goose. It was served in a stone pot so it wouldn’t go cold quickly. The goose was amazing! The skin was crispy, and meat was tender, succulent and absolutely delicious. MG kept going ‘mmmm’ and holding his thumbs up! I can see he utterly enjoyed it.

Their specialty, braised crab claw with winter melon was bigger than what I remembered! It was HUGE – all three of us had the same size and it was as good as the first time. The crab claw was tender, and moist, the winter melon was cooked to perfection and a great compliment. It was a light and delightful dish! It was scrumptiously good.

Shredded pork stir fry was good but nothing too special. Stir fry mix vegetables with shredded pork with a hint of chili – nothing to rave about.

This is another one of their specialty dish – braised pomelo skin with shrimp roe. I wanted to try this the first time, but they ran out, so this time, I had to order it. I have heard that this dish takes forever to prepare. The pomelo skin is peeled before soaked in fish stock, then soaked in oil, steamed and strained. Apparently it takes a good day to prepare as you need to keep repeating the process. It’s an ‘interesting’ dish – I don’t think MG and Hubby enjoyed it but I thought it was good. The pomelo tastes a little like melon, it was soft but not mushy and each pore oozed thick delicious shrimp roes with fish soup. All trace of citrus bitterness removed during the process of making the dish.

Last but not least, fried garoupa, the fish was deep fried, batter thin and the fish fresh and moist. The sauce was thick with ginger and mushroom flavour infused through it. It was delicious but I was really getting full by this stage.

It’s funny how we (well I) always have a second stomach for dessert. MG wanted something sweet, so we thought we would try the desserts at Tim’s Kitchen. Hubby wanted the warm almond soup – I am not a huge fan of almond soup so only had a mouthful. It was warm, creamy and had a strong almond flavour which Hubby loved and as much as I didn’t enjoy it, he demolished it!

MG wanted the mango pudding, the mango pudding was delicious. It had fresh mango bits and extremely light. It was smooth and refreshing. I am not usually a big fan of condensed milk but it was surprisingly a great compliment.

I wanted to try something call the ‘birthday’ pear – which is really just a steamed bun, served in a bamboo basket. But it wasn’t just any bun – it was shaped like a pear…..

…. and inside, it had lotus paste with egg yolk… ohhh myyyy… it was deliciously sweet and absolutely fantastic!! Hubby didn’t want his share, so no guessing who ate it! I absolutely loved it!

Hubby preferred our first visit to Tim’s Kitchen. He thought our meal was better and he prefers the old school venue. I thought both meals were fantastic, however, the venue is definitely more upscale. I would definitely come back to try other dishes. We can’t seem to go pass the crab claw – it was just magnifique! A great venue for celebrations with family or friends. The staff are tentative and most do speak English.

I think MG was thinking of working that evening – no chance! Food coma struck! It was definitely another sublime meal at Tim’s Kitchen.

GA’s rating: 8.5 / 10

Tim’s Kitchen

Shop A, G/F & 1/F,

84-90 Bonham Strand

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2543 5919

  1. July 5, 2010 at 1:24 am


    The “birthday pear” shaped like a pear. I tend to think they’re shaped like something else…


    • July 5, 2010 at 1:26 am

      LOL – looking at the photo again – i can see it now. i bet the boys thought of it but didnt say anything!

  2. Frank
    July 6, 2010 at 3:09 am

    I guess there are lots of other chinese food out there other than lemon chicken

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