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Last Supper and an amazing meal with MG @ Joel Robuchon

It was MG’s last day in Hong Kong and thought we should spend it with a ‘bang’. Unfortunately, Hubby was sick that day, and couldn’t come to lunch. It has been a fantastic few days, we have eaten well, way too well, watched the football world cup together, cranked out some ps3 (Red Dead Redemption amongst other games) and caught up on all the gossip and stories of life.

I have been dying to go to Joel Robuchon for a while now. I enjoyed their high tea (read review here) and was seriously looking forward to eating there. When making the reservation, I was asked whether or not I wanted to sit near the kitchen or inside, I opted for inside. As much as it was cool to watch chef prepare our meal, I think sitting inside was the better choice! Much fancier and nicer!

We both opted for the L’Atelier Menu Dejeuner: entrée, main and dessert. We have been eating so well that we were both (well me especially) a little conscious about the tummy and buttocks! We thought we would just get the appetizer, no soup and just one main instead of two! Mind you, we are both such big eaters that we could probably have finished all of it!

Whilst perusing the menu, we were served some fresh bread, a choice of many and I have to say, Robuchon has the best bread I have tasted thus far in Hong Kong. The bread was fresh, warm and simply fantastic! I have taken granted ‘good’ fresh bread from Australia and have missed it dearly.

We started with amuse bouche – chilled watermelon juice mixed with port served in a shot glass, accompanying that was a cylinder of watermelon flesh which had been hollowed out and filled with a little reservoir of a highly concentrated balsamic vinegar. It was refreshing, light and absolutely delicious! I have to give credits to MG for remembering the second part! Completely forgot about the balsamic vinegar! Whoops!

For entrée, I ordered the scallops carpaccio flavoured with fresh mango, vanilla oil and basil. The scallops were fresh and the mango, vanilla oil and basil really gave it a nice flavour. I loved the texture of the scallops, it wasn’t slimy at all. I really thoroughly enjoyed it.

MG had the crispy saffron risotto with green asparagus, comte cheese and parma ham and I have to say, this was absolutely delicious. The saffron risotto was indeed crispy and the parma ham, comte cheese, asparagus and tomatoes were oh so yummy. I ate each of them separately to get a taste of each individual flavours and they were amazing. The sun dried tomato was indescribable, it was just fantastic.

For main, I couldn’t go pass the pork – spit roasted baby pork served with black sausage. The pork was tender and succulent. The skin was crisp and thin, it was… scrumptious. The black sausage was delightful! It was smooth and had lots of flavours.

Here’s a closer look of the pork and the mash potato. The mash potato was deliciously smooth, creamy and buttery… it was heavenly! Pity (or thankfully) there was only a dollop of it! I am certain I could have eaten a whole bowl on my own!

MG had the cheek of beef braised with red wine, parmesan polenta and taggiasche black olives. Unfortunately I didn’t have any of this, however, after wards MG did say that it was good. Beef cheeks were tender and as much as he enjoyed it, he said mine ‘looked’ better! I was too engrossed in my pork that I totally forgot to ask if I could have some! DOH!

We both opted for the dessert trolley – pick your own desserts – what more do you want? 2 choices of these delightful sweetness goodness! I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory!

I ordered the chocolate mousse with banana and the vanilla custard. I thought double chocolate would be overkill and needed something to balance out the chocolate mousse. I absolutely loved the chocolate mousse – it was wonderfully sweet with real banana pieces in the middle. The mixture of banana and chocolate was just marvelous. An exquisite work of art of chocolately heaveness. The vanilla custard was superb, it was light, creamy and a great compliment to the chocolate mousse.

MG had the chocolate mousse and the vanilla custard. The chocolate mousse was similar to that of mine, without the banana. MG totally and utterly enjoyed his dessert and his meal at Robuchon.

I thought the meal was over, however, wait… there was more! Petite fours: macaroons, fruit pastilles and little delights crunchy golden chocolate pearls. I am not a huge fan of macaroons (yes that’s true, I find them way too sweet!) so MG had my share. The fruit pastilles were chewy, fruity and sweet and the crunchy golden chocolate pearls were delish!

It was a great way to end the meal! MG and I absolutely loved the whole experience and most importantly, MG’s company! It has been great having you in Hong Kong and I absolutely LOVE eating out with you. I don’t think my tummy and arteries appreciate it but hey, it was FANTASTIC!

Thanks again for dropping by – it was definitely awesome!

GA’s ratings: 9 / 10

Joel Robuchon

Shop 401, 4/F, The Landmark

16 Des Voeux Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2166 9000

  1. Frank
    July 6, 2010 at 3:06 am

    the pork looks really good

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