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My kind of bar… Dessert Bar, Riquiqui @ LKF

After our ‘light’ dinner at Nha Trang, we came to Riquiqui for some heavenly dessert. I love the concept of this place – a dessert bar and it looks just like that – a bar. Diners will sit at the bar, around an open kitchen and watch their desserts being plated personally by the chef, Amanda. It’s not a huge bar but intimate and cozy. I love all the décor, and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It’s definitely my kind of place!

Riquiqui means tiny in French. They have the Prix Fixe menu which includes 3 small courses: an amuse-bouche, your choice of a dessert entrée, and a trio of petits fours all for 200HKD. The menu is written on the board which is hung on the wall and changes frequently. Drinks (tea, coffee, or wine) is included in the menu.

We started off with amuse bouche – banana cake with banana sorbet. I LOVE banana cake and Amanda’s banana cake was simply divine! It was moist and not too sweet. The banana sorbet was light and refreshing and a great compliment to the cake. The banana flavour was strong but not overpowering. It was the perfect way to start the ‘meal’.

The choices for the dessert entrée that evening were: roasted pineapple napoleon, citrus panna cotta, flourless chocolate cake with sour cream sorbet, fruit pavlova and cheese platter. I couldn’t go pass the flourless chocolate cake with sour cream sorbet. The chocolate cake was rich, soft and absolutely moist. It was fantastic. The sour cream sorbet was not overly sour, it was tasty and refreshing and a great compliment to the chocolate cake.

Last but not least – petit fours which were coconut marshmallow, apricot shortbread and almond financier. I love the apricot shortbread, but then again I love everything shortbread! Both the coconut marshmallow and almond financier were delightful.

When I first heard of the 3 course dessert, I thought it would be an over kill! But it was just perfect! The amuse bouche was light and a great opening to what was to come. The flourless chocolate cake was divine and the petit fours were ‘petit’ and a great way to end.

J,F,R and I truly enjoyed it. It’s definitely a great little find (thanks J for introducing). Amanda was telling us about some of the other desserts and I stopped listening after she said stick date pudding as it is a favourite of mine! Their best seller is the chocolate cube (I have seen pictures of this, and it looks amazing!) – which is a thin crispy coating of chocolate in a shape of a box filled with malted chocolate mousse… hmhmhm yum! Will definitely have to try this next time.

I was telling Amanda that she should definitely come to Sydney and open a dessert bar. I believe, this would be quite popular in Sydney. I for one would definitely be there (again not good for the waist!). Amanda did say that she was going to start with high tea during the day! Hopefully she will be able to make that ‘perfect’ scone that I have long searched for in Hong Kong. Can’t wait to go back to try some more delightful sweetness.

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Riquiqui Dessert Bar

2F, 12 Wellington Street

Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2868 3302

  1. Frank
    July 7, 2010 at 2:54 am

    desert bars, cool.

  2. bhanu
    August 19, 2010 at 9:34 am

    i want know,,, more about desset bar,,, can u send me same data about the same….. i am a student of hotel managment,,,,i will be very thankful to you,,,

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