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Epic lunch @ Zuma

I came here with my neighbour, A, one Sunday afternoon. We have been looking forward to coming here for a while now. We did have to book two weeks in advance, and got the 1.30pm sitting. They have two sittings – one at 11.30am and the other at 1.30pm.

I came here previously for dinner with Hubby and one of our dearest friend, P (see review here) and had a great meal. I still do prefer Nobu for dinner, however, the brunch we had was quite amazing. At HK$550, you get an endless supply of sushi, sashimi, yakitori and many more and a free flowing of Perrie-Jouet champagne, sake, bellini, and wine – what more do you want? AND a gigantic dessert tray that will leave you stuffed till the next day. I knew what was to come and made sure that I didn’t have breakfast and went to the gym beforehand!

I’m not usually big on buffet, only cause I can never eat ‘that’ much. However, that day, I surprised myself with the amount of food that I consumed! I think my stomach was stretched and is still trying to return to normal.

Plate 1: sashimi, king fish, scallops, salmon and avocado roll, salmon and roe roll, soft shell crab roll, California roll and tamago – all were absolutely incredibly delicious.

Here is a shot of my first plate with my first glass of red wine.

Plate 2: octopus salad, fried chicken (crunchy and succulent, one of my favourites on the plate), oysters (fresh!), prawn cocktail (which was so so), salmon and roe salad (delicious!), tuna salad and chicken mayo salad (which was ordinary).

I didn’t take a photo of plate 3 but it did consist of fried chicken (and lots of it) and more sashimi – couldn’t get enough of it!

For main, I ordered the salmon fillet with ginger teriyaki sauce and pickled cucumber and Oh My Gawd it was absolutely scrumptious. The salmon was tender and moist and cooked to perfection – medium rare – just the way I like it. The teriyaki sauce was deliciously rich and satsifying.

A ordered the sirloin steak, sautéed mushrooms, wafu sauce and oh my my…. The meat was slightly cooked on the outside and a perfect pink on the inside. It was tender, juicy and scrumptiously good!

Here is a close up of it – the sauted mushrooms and wafu sauce was a great compliment. It was just fantastic.

Dessert platter – WOW!

Raspberry sponge cake – this was A’s favourite, I thought it was ok but not a fave. The ice cream flavours were black sesame, red bean and almond. The almond ice cream I did not like, but I did enjoy the black sesame and red bean.

The green dessert was of course mint chocolate mousse and it was deliciously chocolately with mint choc on top – it was delish. The other, green tea pudding with banana glace and it was outstanding! This was my favourite! I pretty much ate the whole thing on my own as A didn’t enjoy it, which meant more for me!

It was an epic lunch with A, we sat there for 4 hours, eating, drinking, talking and laughing. A had at least 6 glasses of bellini and I had 4 or was it 5 glasses of red wine. We were both laughing, slurring, stumbling as we walked out of the restaurant. A had a family dinner that evening, a 6.30pm buffet dinner at Sheraton (and she ATE MORE!). I, on the other hand, saw my bed and crashed! Got up at 9pm to watch the first game of world cup and was refused out, so watched the second game at home with A!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Zuma Restaurant

5 & 6/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Rd,

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 3657 6388

  1. Frank
    July 8, 2010 at 2:49 am

    fark the sirloin steak!!!!!!

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