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Shanghainese @ Xiao Nan Guo, Central

This is not the first time I have been here, it’s one of those times where I have been with clients / investors and no camera action. Hubby was craving Shanghainese and I thought of this place. It’s located in Central, in the Man Yee Building, and it’s a relatively big restaurant, although reservation is still recommended. It was buzzing with people when we went for lunch, however, we had dinner at 8.30pm and it wasn’t ‘that’ busy.

I love tea, all sorts of tea, and love when restaurants actually give you proper tea leaves / flowers. We both got chrysanthemum tea and were ‘mesmerized’ by its beauty and ability to ‘blossom’.

We started with the braised pork belly which was served in an urn type serving dish. It was a generous serving of pork belly – Hubby and I did not finish this at all! The pork belly was tender and succulent. Some of the pork were a little fatty but most were perfect. A little bit of fat with thick, juicy meat. This has to be one of my ultimate favourite dish (yes I am a sucker for pork!)

Next was the tofu fish cake with bok choy and mushrooms. Hubby didn’t enjoy the tofu fish cake, he thought it tasted ‘funny’ – not a man of many words! I quite like it but this dish was nothing special – so so.

We both ordered the crab roe dumpling each, which was served in a mini steam basket. It reminded me of the dumplings we had when we were in Shanghai a while back, but it wasn’t as good. Unfortunately, the skin was a little too thick for my liking, the meat and juice was good, but the skin just didn’t live up to it.

We couldn’t go pass the xiao long bau. Again the skin was a little too thick for my liking and because it was thick, the skin turned really hard and chewy when cold. The meat and juice were fantastic, but I still do prefer the xiao long bau from ye Shanghai (read review here) or Din Tai Fung (read review here).

The braised pork belly is still my favourite, it was a shame that the xiao long bau wasn’t the best as we were craving for it!

It was a relatively hearty meal before a night of drinking and football world cup madness.

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10

Xiao Nan Guo

3/F., Man Yee Bldg,

60-68 Des Voeux Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2259 9393

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