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Not just waffles @ Green Waffle Diner, Central

As the name of the restaurants suggest, this little diner specialises in waffles. Sweet and savoury waffles, but it is not the only thing that they serve. I first heard of this place from a dear friend J, (Life as a Bon Vivant). Fried chicken and waffles – now that was an interesting combo! I have been in search for good fried chicken in Hong Kong and as much as I love KFC, I really can’t eat too much of it!

R, J and I came here one lunch time, as the three of us LOVE fried chicken. It was J’s 3rd maybe 4th visit now and he knew the menu like that back of his hand! I had to start with something cool to drink, it was disgustingly hot and drinking hot coffee would just melt me even more. R and I started with the lychee cooler, and it was indeed ‘cooling’. The lychee cooler was delightful and refreshing. Can’t believe J had coffee… crazeeeeee

We ordered the fried chicken set meal which also comes with half a waffle. The fried chicken set consisted of fried drumstick, mash and salad. The fried chicken was fantastic. The batter was thin, crispy, and full of flavour. The chicken itself was tender and succulent. The mash was a little boring – it was bland, and the coleslaw was mediocre. I have to say, the coleslaw at KFC is probably better than this.

As fried chicken lovers, one drumstick each was not enough. We had to order a plate of buffalo chicken wings! Six delicious, juicy chicken wings, cooked the same way as the fried chicken was absolutely delicious. Topped with buffalo sauce, this was spicy but not near spicy enough for me. Regardless, it was very satisfying and I was in fried chicken heaven!

We thought we would share the pit beef sandwich – thinly sliced roast beef and cheese on top. The beef was a little dry for my liking, and it wasn’t as flavourful as I have expected. It was ok but nothing to rave about.

The pit beef sandwich set also came with half a waffle. I thought the waffles were ok, it needed more chocolate sauce or at least a scoop of ice cream, it was a tad boring for me. I can’t remember why I didn’t put any maple syrup on it, it was on the table! DOH! They have other waffles as meals, and they did sound better than the lunch set waffle.

We thoroughly enjoyed the fried chicken and I would definitely come back for more. It would be great for a light afternoon snack or even a midnight snack.

Hmhmhm fried chickens…..

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10

Shop 3 , G/F ,35-39 Graham St. Kar Ho Building

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2887 9991

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