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Sri Lanka

Thought I’d do a quick post on Sri Lanka! Will do a longer post when I’m back home.

One word to describe Sri Lanka… GORGEOUS! We are staying at Galle, which is about 4 hours drive from Colombo. The trip from Mumbai to Colombo was a complete nightmare! Plane was delayed, which we didn’t know as they didn’t have our details! We got to the airport at midnight for our 3AM flight only to be told that our flight has been delayed and was not departing till 7AM!!! So yes, we spent 7 long hours at the airport! Poor Hubby as it was his birthday – not a great start that’s for sure!

The drama didn’t end there! We finally arrived at Colombo, got a driver to pick us up and it took a good 2 hours to get out of the car park! They had some new system and only had one gate opened! Hubby being the man that he is thought he would offer some of his advice and indeed he did! He spoke to the ground advisor and other officials about how they could improve the system! He was filmed by one of the tv channels crew and a local on his camera phone to be uploaded on youtube perhaps? God bless him but no… His words and advices did not help!

We finally arrived at Galle after 4 hours drive, mind you I was ready to pass out! Had not eaten since 5AM and was absolutely starving! We were supposed to arrive at 11AM but instead… 6.5 hours later… We finally arrived!

Staying at the Galle Forte Hotel and it’s AMAZING! The whole forte is amazing! Below is a snap shot of the view of the ocean from the fort.

You know when you are married to a cricketer when they time cricket games around your holidays! There is the India vs Sri Lanka game at Galle and the ground is right near our hotel! Unfortunately it has been raining and so no play – Hubby has been totally and utterly gutted! We are still planning to watch Sachin Tendulkar bat – Hubby was actually looking out for him in Mumbai! Oh Hubby!!!!

Took a shot from the top of the forte wall – it’s quite spectacular! You can pretty much watch the game from up here!

Anyhow, been eating WAY too well! Curries, rotis, hoppas, you name it! Indulging on some espresso pana cotta right now… amazingly good!

Until next time…..

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