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A little bit about Galle, Sri Lanka and what we did….

It took a while to get to Galle, after the delayed flight, the 2 hours at the car park and the 4 hour drive; we finally made it to Galle Fort. Galle is located at the southwest corner of the island. The Fort is built on a small peninsula belonging to the sea as much as to the land. It was built by the Dutch in 1663, 36-hectare Fort which is the oldest part of Galle and has an amazing collection of structures and culture. Just wandering the streets was amazing, one architectural surprise one after the other.

Below is a photo of one of the streets in Galle Fort…

We stayed at this amazing hotel, Galle Fort Hotel, 17th century Dutch merchant’s house turned into a boutique hotel. It has 14 rooms, all of which are different, some have two levels, and others stretch across an entire floor. We were fortunate enough to have one with a two levels – split level, living and dining area downstairs, and bedroom upstairs.

And here is a photo of the pool where we spent many hours during the day swimming and relaxing.

Hubby and I spent most of the 2nd day around the Fort, shopping, walking and soaking up all the culture and heat! It was monsoon season but like in India, we were very fortunate with the weather. Most of the buildings inside the Fort date from the Dutch era, and many street names still bear their Dutch names.

A few photos to show you inside the Fort: The lighthouse is Sri Lanka’s oldest light station dating back to 1848, but the original lighthouse was destroyed by fire in 1934.

Ambalama, a public resting place at the old town center.

The Maritime Archaeology Museum – it was interesting to say the least.

The famous clock tower

On top of the main gate Fort

On top of the southern end of the Fort

Apparently, every day, there are jumpers who entertain people by running and jumping off the Fort. I was ‘tempted’ but it looked kind of dangerous!

Here is one of the more modern shops / café.

The Fort was just amazing, it was a pleasant to stroll around the town at dusk. You can walk almost the complete circuit of the Fort along the top of the wall in about one or two hours.

On one of the days, we hired a car and roamed outside of Galle. Started by going to the Peace Pagoda, which was a gift from a Japanese Buddhist monk in 2005. It is situated on the headland between Unawatuna and Galle.

The view from the Peace Pagoda was simply breathtaking.

We then went to a turtle hatchery. Look how tiny they are – 3 days old apparently!

This turtle is about 5 years old – pretty big for a 5 year old!

Also went to the white tea plantation – it wasn’t the most stunning or impressive tea plantation I have seen, but they had all the components, tea plants, small factory, tasting and shop. Check out the different types of teas they had. They had teas ranging from black tea, white tea, coffee flavoured tea (weird!), spicy tea to your green and flavoured tea. It was impressive!

We also went to temple and a herbal plantation. However, the best bit of all, Unawatuna, the beach where we spent countless hours swimming and sitting / relaxing under the sun.

It was quite a relaxing holiday, as you know we spent a day at the cricket, we did a half day spa (yes Hubby actually suggested it!) and spent a lot of time reading and relaxing. Oh how I wish I was there right now….

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