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Food we ate whilst at Sri Lanka…. Part 2

Promise this will be my last post on Sri Lanka! Tomorrow will be back to the Hong Kong delights.

Like I said, not all the food we had was fantastic. There were some mediocre ones but it was still worth trying to say the least.

Mama’s Galle Fort Roof Café and Guest House were recommended by the Lonely Planet and a couple of people at the Fort. Considering how much food we had the previous night we thought we would just get one serve of curry and share between the both of us. I have to say, I am glad we did, because not only do you get the curry of your choice, but you also get five other side dishes, making it SIX different types of dishes!

Hubby and I decided to go for the fish curry, however, it also came with (from top left to right), dried fish and peanuts, mixed vegetables with curry sauce, and fish curry, (from bottom left to right), mango curry, dahl curry and potato curry. Yes a LOT OF CURRIES!!!! The fish curry was incredibly spicy which was delicious and full of flavour, however, the fish itself was a little hard, which was a shame. My favourites were the potato and dahl curry. The dahl curry was simple but yet tasty, and the potato curry was fantastic – potatoes were soft and cooked to perfection. I didn’t like the mango curry though – it was too sweet for my liking.

The curries at Mama’s were ok, it was dirt cheap 700 rupees for all that (which is about AUD8). I do prefer the curry from the Galle Fort Hotel. The highlight would have to be eating under the sky with views of the spinning lighthouse.

We also ate at Anura’s Restaurant – tiny bright-orange hole-in-the-wall place that serves curries, various pastas and apparently the best pizza in Galle’s. I am not sure why we both ordered curry, probably because we were both skeptical about pizzas in Galle.

I ordered the prawn curry, which should really be shrimp curry – the prawns were so small it shouldn’t be called that. The prawn curry was seriously watery, too watery to be curry I think. It was ok, nothing to rave about.

Hubby ordered the potato curry, again this was seriously watery. The potato curry ‘soup’ tasted better, it had more flavours that the prawns curry.

I still can’t believe we didn’t order the pizza. Other diners did have pizza and it looked seriously good! Anura’s Restaurant is quite cheap also, each curry is about 250 – 300 rupees (about AUD3 – 4) but nothing to rave about.

We were seriously starved one day, we had a half day spa and didn’t have time to eat breakfast, so was really looking forward to lunch! We went to Royal Dutch Café, which was next door to the spa place. We probably should have left after looking at the menu – nothing on the menu grabbed our attention (this was def a sign!) but thought we would try it regardless.

After much perusing, I decided to go for the roti – cheese and coconut – yes I know, weird combo but they had a lot of sweet roti which I didn’t want. This was the only savoury roti they had. I have to say, I was seriously disappointed and unimpressed. It was such a disappointment, the roti itself was nice, it was paper thin but cheese and coconut was just weird. It wasn’t even proper cheese, it was cheese spread with desiccated coconut.

Hubby ordered the tuna sandwich – I didn’t take a photo of this, but just imagine, the cheapest bread possible, two pieces with canned tuna, tomato and chili sauce. THAT was it! No lettuce, tomato or cheese, it was simply a ‘tuna sandwich’. Hubby looked it, ate it and was seriously unimpressed. He’s not usually hungry often but he was still absolutely ravenous after this and sadly to say… we did go somewhere else for more food!

I wouldn’t recommend this place, unless you want sweet roti. The best thing about this café is the bong outside, it was very Moroccan like.

So after that pathetic so called lunch, Hubby and I went to Pedlar’s Inn café, where we probably should have gone in the first place! It’s a very cool and groovy place in an old colonial house. Not only is it a café, but also a jewellery shop.

I noticed they had ‘avocado juice’ – oh my! I haven’t had avocado juice in a long time, so had to order! Hubby, who is anti-avocado, looked at me and said “how is that a juice? There is no juice in avocado”. Dear Hubby – how would you know if you don’t even like avocado! How can you not like avocado? The avocado juice was thick and creamy, mixed with a bit of chocolate it was just absolutely delightful and exactly what I needed!

Weirdly, I have been craving toasted sandwich all week – tomato, cheese and chutney toastie. The cheese was real and was melted and gooey. The bread was a little thin for my liking but the chutney was sweet and a little spicy which was a good compliment. The fries were fantastic – thin, crispy and absolutely delicious! This was SO much better than my cheese and coconut roti!

Hubby who absolutely love turkey breast, had turkey breast with tomato, lettuce and cheese toastie. He demolished this, not sure if it’s because he was hungry or if it was actually good.

Pedlars’s Inn Café was definitely better than the Royal Dutch Café. Content and full, we decided to walk and explore.

We spent our last day in Colombo, sightseeing a little shopping. We went to the Pagoda Tea Room, their specialty is the inexpensive pastries. However, we wanted something more substantial. It was a casual and very local restaurant. Apparently Duran Duran filmed its classic 1980s video (Hungry like a Wolf) in that establishment.

I ordered a plate of Mongolian Chicken – which was a mix of fried rice and noodle cooked in garlic, onions and chili. The chicken was cut into bite size pieces which were full of flavour and extremely spicy. It had that wok-aroma which I absolutely love! I still can’t believe I demolished all of this! Hubby ordered the Mongolian Vegetarian, which was exactly the same without the bite size chicken.

I think I enjoyed the food in Sri Lanka more than in India. Mind you – we were sick for 2 days so didn’t really eat that well. Still, we had a great time eating, sightseeing and most importantly, we both relaxed!

Mama’s Galle Fort Roof Café

76 Leyn Baan Street

Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

Ph: +94 91 222 6415

Anura’s Restaurant

9 Lighthouse Street

Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

Ph: +94 91 222 4354

Royal Dutch Café

Leyn Baan Street

Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka

Pedlar’s Inn Café

92 Pedlars Street

Galle Forte, Galle, Sri Lanka

Pagoda Tea Room

105 Chatham Street, Col 1

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ph: +94 11 232 5252

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