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Quick lunch at Tai Ping Koon

Quick post and back to the Hong Kong delights…..

This is your typical old-school HK-style western food. It is a must-visit for tourists visiting Hong Kong. I came here with a dear friend, J, whom I haven’t seen for a long long time now. She suggested this place, as I have never been and you can’t get food like this in Sydney.

We had the lunch special, which consisted of the daily soup which was chicken and corn soup. The soup was thick and creamy. It had real chicken and bacon bits in it and as much as it was ‘fusion’ it was tasty and a great starter.

The complimentary bread were sweet – a bit weird – as I prefer my bread unsweetened but it was a great compliment to the soup.

Both J and I had the swiss sauce beef ho fun. The swiss sauce was deliciously sweet, and the ho fun was chewy, sticky and cooked to perfection. The sweet swiss sauce was a nice compliment to the savoury beef. It was surprisingly delicious and incredibly filling! However, I couldn’t finish it, it was just too much!

Tai Ping Koon (“TPK”) was founded in 1860 in the Qing Dynasty. Its a combination of East meets West, the traditional and signature dishes includes roasted pigeon, smoked promfret, boiled corned ox-tongue, Portuguese style baked chicken, TPK style fried rice noodle with beef, and their famous TPK style baked soufflé, which is apparently as big as your head! Unfortunately we didn’t have time for this, so will definitely have to come back to give this soufflé ago.

It was great catching up with J, its definitely have been a while since we last caught up! Can’t wait to catch up again!

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Tai Ping Koon

G/F, No. 60 Stanley Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2899 2780

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