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Another epic brunch at Zuma?

It was about a month ago when I first had brunch at Zuma (read review here) and absolutely loved it! I wanted to take Hubby here, as he has never been and I was certain he would love it!

Anyway, Zuma…. We both came here for the 11am sitting, as the 1.30pm sitting was full. I knew the procedure already, and quickly gave Hubby the quick rundown. He was slightly in aw about the amount of food he was about to consume at that godly hour!

My first plate: salmon sashimi, raw scallops, raw king fish, eel, salmon with roe sushi, and other sushi delights. The sashimis were fresh and absolutely delicious.

My attempt at second round of food was quite pathetic, chicken karage, more sashimi and fresh oysters. The oysters were also fresh and with some lemon it was delightful. I had more oysters but that was all that I could eat. It was definitely WAY too early for buffet. I don’t think my stomach could handle that much food at such hour.

Considering I had the salmon fillet and the sirloin steak last time, I opted for something different this time round. I ordered the baby chicken marinated in barley miso oven roasted on cedar wood. The chicken was succulent but incredibly salty! It was WAY WAY too salty to eat on its own. Hubby managed to peel the skin and eat it, but for me, it was just too sickening!

Hubby ordered the assorted tempura, prawns, and different vegetables. The batter was thin and not too oily. It was GOOD tempura, however, my only gripe would be that they was only ONE prawn tempura!

Hubby was a little shocked when the dessert platter came out. It was as huge as I have remembered it. 3 ice creams: hokey pokey (which was delicious!), red bean (which was also delicious!), tofu (which was just gross!). My green tea with banana glaze pudding was there, and I was ecstatic – like a child in a lollipop shop! Again I demolished this and was in green tea heaven (love anything green tea!).

Hubby demolished the mint chocolate mousse and the fruits. I was quite amazed at how much food Hubby consumed! Of course that evening he ate absolutely nothing!

I have to admit, the first experience at Zuma was more ‘epic’ than the second. Not sure if it was because we came at 11am and our stomach were not yet ready or the fact that our mains weren’t as great. Hubby seemed to have enjoyed it though, he consumed a lot more food than I did – 3 rounds compare to my 1.5 pathetic rounds!

He did agree that it was great value and would recommend to those who have never been. The sirloin steak was definitely a better choice than the baby chicken.

So… Was it another epic brunch at Zuma? I would have to say NO, the first time was definitely better! The service and food were as great as the first time, but our mains weren’t so great, which was a shame.

GA’s rating:  6.5 / 10

Zuma Restaurant

5 & 6/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Rd,

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 3657 6388

  1. Tom
    August 12, 2010 at 3:47 am

    I think I am still recovering from my first brunch at Zuma… that partly relates to the food and partly relates to the champagne though!

    • August 12, 2010 at 7:39 am

      ya first time i went, it was during the world cup, i was locked in my own home as i was drunk as a skunk and hubby took keys so i wouldnt go out! its good though! all that champagne!

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