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Belated friend birthday lunch at Liberty Exchange

It was one of my dearest friends birthday last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet up with him during the day as I had plans, so decided to take him out for lunch for his birthday, well belated birthday lunch! D picked Liberty Exchange, he has been here a couple of times now, but I haven’t, so was glad to go!

Lunch was a set menu, so you get a choice of entrée, a choice of main, dessert and tea or coffee. The price varies depending on what main course you choose.

Both D and I opted for the watermelon salad with feta cheese, balsamic reduction, pistachios and Cajun sauce. I was a little skeptical about ordering the watermelon salad, but I am glad I did. The salad was incredibly light and refreshing. The watermelon was served room temperate, however, the feta cheese, and salad was a little warmer, which was delicious. The watermelon was sweet, compensated by the bitterness of the rocket and the creamy-ness of the feta cheese, it was simply delightful. I enjoyed every single bite of this salad.

For main, I ordered the fish and chips, absolut stella artois battered, classic tartare sauce with malt vinegar pickled cucumber. The fish batter was light and not oily at all, the fish was fresh, tender and cooked to perfection. The chips were thin and crunchy and dipped in the classic tartare sauce, it was wonderful! I forgot how good fish and chips can be, and I have to admit, this was deliciously good!

D ordered the liberty burger with cheese on a cheese bun with onion marmalade. Apparently the beef patty is made actually with short rib. This looked absolutely delicious but I didn’t have any! I don’t think he offered me any! It was a HUGE serving, the burger was BIG, I don’t think the photo below did any justice! D did say that I was delicious and fantastic – will have to trust his words on this one.

Dessert was mango sorbet with shortbread. The mango was a little too sweet for my liking, the shortbread was delicious and a great compliment. The coffee was creamy and not bitter. It was surprisingly better than I have expected.

We sat upstairs which was a lot quieter, spacious and comfortable. I walked pass the downstairs bit and it looked a little cramped and noisy, due to its proximity to the bar. The service was good, waiter / waitress attentive and friendly. I certainly enjoyed my meal at Liberty Exchange

To my dear friend D, happy birthday! I have said this many many times, you are a character, fantastic friend and hilariously funny!

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10

Liberty Exchange

G/F, Exchange Square Block 2

8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2810 8400

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