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Delicious creamy lobster pasta @ Cafe Landmark

My neighbour A and I have walked past this café numerous times and have wanted to try it. We came here for lunch one day, reservation is recommended as this place is ALWAYS busy, however, if you come ‘early’ enough i.e. before the rush hour, you can sit at the ‘bar’. It’s not really a bar per se but its bar like tables facing the gigantic DIOR signs and fountain. I personally think this is a better place to sit as you get to people watch, and the view is infinitely better.

I started with cranberry ice tea, which was delicious. I didn’t want to indulge too much in bread, as I was looking forward to the feast that was coming. The bread was as good as I expected, fresh, warm and absolutely delicious with a slitter of butter.

A and I thought we would share the mains, as we both wanted to try the same things. We started with the roasted lobster in creamy lobster sauce pasta. The pasta was cooked to perfection, the sauce, deliciously creamy yet not sickening and the lobster, creamy, fresh and succulent. I’m not usually a huge fan of creamy pastas as it can get sickening but this was incredible! It was scrumptiously good. The lobster was a little messy to eat, i.e. dirty fingers but it was SO worth it. I don’t know if I could finish a whole plate on my own, but shared was just perfect!

We also shared the grilled sea bass on potato gallete with sautéed spinach. The fish was grilled with a layer of pastry on top which was thin and crunchy. The fish was fresh and moist. The sautéed spinach was tasty and the potato gallette was thinly sliced, grilled, was a great compliment.

Here is a close up of the grilled sea bass. A wasn’t a huge fan of this; she preferred the lobster linguine, which I agree. The lobster was definitely the winner out of the two.

For dessert, we opted for a choice from the dessert tray. I can’t remember everything on the dessert tray, but I did remember what we ordered.

We opted for the baked cheese cake with rose petal ice cream. The baked cheese cake was a real disappointment. It was extremely dry and hard, which was a shame as we both prefer our cheese cake moist and creamy. The rose petal ice cream was incredible. It was sweet with a hint of rose flavour (like the smell of roses) which was deliciously good.

After our delicious lunch at Café Landmark, I ‘dragged’ A shopping – let’s just say I needed her there for a dazzling bag purchase! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the colour I wanted, but FORTUNATELY, my mother was in Singapore and purchased the bag for me! Couldn’t have decided without you my dear friend!

A is more than just a ‘neighbour’, she is my eating buddy, my shopping buddy and most importantly, a buddy that I can always rely on! It’s kind of strange how we met, but I am certainly glad that we did and formed such friendship. (ok this is getting a little soppy but I am just reiterating how glad I am to have met her!)

I am truly going to miss you! Thanks for the friendship and for listening to my cumbersome problems. Will see you soon!!!

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10

Cafe Landmark

1/F, The Landmark,

16 Des Voeux Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2526 4200

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