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ABC Kitchen (A Better Cooking Kitchen), Sheung Wan

I first heard about ABC Kitchen after reading a review on timeout. ‘Four-course menu at $338 for two people, feasting on replicas of M at the Fringe’s classic recipes’. It also mentioned the legendary roasted suckling pig, ‘Legendary suckling pig’ – it had me at ‘suckling pig’ – how can I not go? I had to go! I knew eating a whole pig on my own or with Hubby was just out of the question, so I organised a night of suckling pig with a few friends.

ABC apparently stands for A Better Cooking Kitchen, in Sheung Wan’s Queens Street wet market. It is run by two former staff who previously worked at M at the Fringe. I thought it was rather odd to have an Italian restaurant in the wet market, but I was pleasantly surprised.

J, R, S and I arrived earlier and as always, we were absolutely incredibly ravenous. We left the ordering to J, and started with a few entrees.

We started with a basket of fresh, warm bread. I tried not to eat the whole thing, as I was looking forward to what was to come.

Soft shell crab was superb. It was served with gherkin and lemon, the soft shell crab was lightly battered and perfectly fried. It was deliciously rich and meaty.

La bouillabaisse was particularly good, it wasn’t fishy but it was full of flavour, creamy and not too rich. Generous serving of seafood, enough for the four of us.

Pasta Carbonara was deliciously creamy, served with generous amounts of bacon. I dare not think how much cream was put into this dish, as my pasta carbonara is never THIS creamy! It was scrumptiously good!

The Pizza – margarita pizza – tomato, cheese, and herbs on a thin crust pizza, was good but nothing special.

I have to say, we finished all that before Hubby, J1 and her boyfriend, R, rocked up. Yes – I was disgusted at myself and how much we ate prior to them coming. We ordered a couple of entrees for them, and I mean a couple – soft shell crab and pasta carbonara – that’s it! We sat there, waiting for our mains and waiting for our entrees to digest.

We started with spring chicken roll stuffed with goat cheese and spinach, which we shared this between the 7 of us. The chicken was superb, tender, moist and succulent.

Here’s a closer look of the chicken on the inside, the goat cheese and spinach was a great combination. I have tried to make this dish at home, but the filling has failed me many times.

The tuna steak was good but it was a little dry for my liking. Some parts were rare, but most were slightly overcooked, which was a shame. If it was rarer I think I may have enjoyed this dish as it was crusted and full of flavour.

Now the suckling pig, which we had to order in advance, and what we were all been waiting for that evening. Here is a photo of the pig before it was cut into tiny pieces… hello piggy…

The suckling pig was cut into pieces and served in separate plates for us. At first I thought that it was a ‘small’ pig, however, it was more than enough for the seven of us. The suckling pig was cooked Portuguese style, the skin was crispy and crackly (the way I like it) and the meat tender and succulent. I have to admit though, not all parts of the meat was tender and succulent. I had two pieces, the first was incredibly tender but the second less so, it was a little hard. Unfortunately the consistency of the tenderness was not throughout but the crispiness of the skin was consistent. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I have to admit, M’s suckling pig was definitely better. I can still remember the texture and the flavour and the tenderness of the meat. It was THAT good. ABC’s version was good but I still believe that M’s is infinitely better.

Seafood Paella, if you are disgusted at how much we ate, you should be! I still am! I was getting full by this stage; but had to try the seafood paella. It was different to what I expected; the saffron rice was more watery and moist than I have had it. The seafood was delicious and cooked to perfection, however, I believe the overall dish was so so. I have had better elsewhere.

Lastly, dessert, we got a tray of all the five that was on offer. Crème brulee, banana banoffee pie, chocolate puff, souffle and mousse.

The banana banofee pie was definitely my favourite. Made with delicious rich toffee on crumbled biscuits this was deliciously rich and deliciously yummy. The chocolate puff I thought was so so, I could probably make this one on my own (i.e. buy the puff pastry from a supermarket and drizzle with chocolate sauce!)

I didn’t have any of the mousse, it looked kind of boring and I wanted to try the crème brulee and soufflé. I thought the crème brulee was a little cooked. It was too solid for my liking,it wasn’t as moist as I have had at some places in Sydney. The soufflé I didn’t have unfortunately, I was getting seriously full but judging from the diners that night, they thought it was so so. I think it was black sesame soufflé – I am not a fan of black sesame so probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

I believe we tried almost every single thing on the menu except for a couple of entrées and mains. I am still rather disgusted at how much we ate, but it was deliciously scrumptious and good. I thoroughly enjoyed the suckling pig the most. The service was as good as you can expect from a wet market, and the ambience, casual and loud (we were probably the loudest table) and quite reasonable for the amount of food we ate.

But most importantly, it was the company that made the whole experience enjoyable. Here’s to great friendship forever!

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10

ABC Kitchen

Shop CF7, Food Market, 1 Queen Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 9278 8227

  1. Frank
    August 18, 2010 at 3:39 am

    WTF, italian and spanish all in one sitting! all the food looks so delish, except the gherkin that went with the soft shell, gherkins, dislike

    • August 18, 2010 at 3:40 am

      Hubby’s thoughts were exactly the same! and it was all at the wet market – should have taken you here. it was good though! GOOD!

  2. Frank
    August 18, 2010 at 4:03 am

    another day, next time in honkers, its all going to be wet market food i think. brave the elements!!!!!!!

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