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I am in denial…..

There is really no easy way to say this, I am STILL IN DENIAL about our move back to Sydney! It was this time last year, when Hubby told me that we were moving to Hong Kong, and again in August one year later, he told me that we are moving back to Sydney. Hubby got promoted and as much as I am happy to see him move up the corporate ladder, I am a little gutted about leaving this place. There are many reasons why I love this place, some of you may think otherwise, but I love this place for the following reasons: fantastic food, great shopping, fantastic transport system, and relatively close for traveling overseas. Not only that but I have made some amazing friends, caught up with old friends and got to spend with some of my relatives whom I never see if I was in Sydney.

The past ten months has been AMAZING, I have traveled eight times, not including the two work trips back to Sydney, so making a total of ten overseas trips in the past ten months! I have been very fortunate to travel that many times and am going to miss that!

I have also met some wonderful friends, whom I will miss dearly but will catch up very soon again. I loved catching up with old friends whom I haven’t seen since they left Sydney – I am certainly going to miss you guys and also, my relatives, it has been great catching up with every single one of you.

As much as I am gutted to leave Hong Kong, I am also looking forward to coming back to Sydney. I have missed some of my girlfriends and my male friends; you know who you are, and our Sunday brunches. I have missed running, riding, and roller blading outdoors and playing football with the football gang. I have missed baking, so there will be a lot more of that, and most importantly, I have missed my wonderful parents and my adorable brother and sister-in-law.

Our kitchen and oven… how i missed thee…..

and the space.. space.. SPACE.. (please note, the furniture is not ours, previous owners, although I wouldn’t mind their couch!)

To my friends and family in Hong Kong, I will be back, you can’t get rid of me that easily! We will see you all in January as we are back in Hong Kong for a wedding.

To my friends and family in Sydney, I have missed you tremendously, we are coming back and can’t wait to catch up with every single one of you.

WE WILL be back in Hong Kong for a longer period of time, so this is not goodbye.

So instead of eating my way around Hong Kong, I will be eating my way around Sydney. There will be a lot more baking now that I have an oven. I certainly cannot wait!


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