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Breakfast at the ‘Tea House’

I never really know the name of this café – however, to ‘us’ it’s called the ‘Tea House’. We call it the ‘Tea House’ because of all the different types of teas behind the counter, and the name ‘La Buena Mesa Café & Providore’ is just way too long to remember!! I do remember the name of it prior to the new owners, Hopscotch, and even then, we still called the ‘Tea House’.

This place can get extremely busy on Sundays for brunch and going there with a big group is just a complete nightmare! There have a few tables outside if you want to sit under the sun, which is highly recommended during the cooler period, otherwise, a communal table inside in the middle and table for twos closer to the window.

It was a gorgeous but slightly chill morning and it’s been a while since my last visit. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait for long, otherwise, I would have suggested somewhere else. I wasn’t really in the mood for coffee (yes, shoot me for saying that!) so I opted for the berry smoothie which consisted of all the ‘berry’ type fruit you can imagine. It was milky, smooth, consists of all sorts of berries and was absolutely delicious.

I opted for the scrambled eggs with spinach and a chicken sausage. The eggs were creamy and moist – just the way I like it, and the spinach gave a very nice touch to it. The chicken sausage was a little salty for my liking, but it was a nice compliment to the eggs and spinach.

Hubby ordered eggs with bacon (which was rolled up) and roasted tomatoes. This was a little plain I thought, the eggs were good, but the bacon wasn’t crispy and the tomato was a little overcooked for my liking. Hubby seemed to have enjoyed it though.

If you want a relaxing, casual café on a lazy Sunday with friends, or even during the weekdays, go to the Tea House (aka La Buena Mesa Cafe) but expect to wait, unless you come during non-peak hour. Service is a bit up and down, pending on how busy they are but food and ambiance is pretty good.

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10

La Buena Mesa Café & Providore

61 Annandale Street,

Annandale, Sydney

Ph: +61 2 950 2698

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