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A little gem, Remy and Lee’s, Surry Hills

I was roaming around Surry Hills one day, running a few errands and of course one of the ‘errands’ was to find a nice cool place to eat! I feel like my last few entries have been about Surry Hills, and if you haven’t gathered by now, yes, I do live in Surry Hills. ‘The Mother’ and I bought a place here a while back and fell in love with the suburb. Surry Hills is a very cool, hip suburb with lots of cool and shick cafes, well I think anyway!

I read about this café in one of the magazines I purchased. The name attracted me, Remy and Lee’s. It can be found on the corner of Bourke Street, Surry Hills, a terrace to be exact, and it is one of the cutest and coziest café I have seen or been. A communal table takes up most of the room, and there aren’t any menus, only a listing of pastries, pies and toast du jour written on the wall.

What I didn’t realize about this place was that all the pastries, pies and dessert are from Blackstar, which is situated in Newton.

I started with the coffee, black, with a dash of cold milk on the side. The coffee was seriously smooth and delicious, didn’t need any of the milk at all!! I found out later on that the coffee is from Little Marionette.

I originally wanted the quiche but they had run out! However, it was probably a blessing in disguise, as I would have never ordered the meat pie, served with a side of salad.

The pie was absolutely marvelous! I am not usually a big fan of meat pies, but this, was just fantastic. The pastry was slightly crunchy, and as I cut through the pie, meat oozed out like melted cheese. The meat was tender and flavourful. The pastry, light and buttery, and melted-in-your-mouth. The pie was seriously amazing. It could be one of the best pie I have had! It was deliciously rich and deliciously scrumptious!

The salad was light, lettuce, tomato and cheese served in the small ball, it was a refreshing and a great compliment. Apparently they serve homemade bircher muesli, but I didn’t get around to trying it

I fell in love with this charming place; Remy and Lee are super friendly! They are bike enthusiasts, they sell bike parts and gear at the cafe. I have a feeling that this will be quite the hangout place once the Bourke Street cycle lane is completed.

We all know that coffee is not just about the beans, but also the way the coffee is made and I have to say, Remy makes a decent cup! This cafe is not just about getting access to Blackstar pastries, it’s a unique and hip café with excellent coffee, and personable service with a smile!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Remy and Lee’s

547 Bourke Street

Surry Hills, 2010

Ph: +61 404 384 014

Remy & Lees on Urbanspoon

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