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Gooey, oozy, chocolate caramel tart….

I returned to Remy and Lee’s the day after as I was nearby and wanted something sweet. I was in their café the previous day, and they had ONE chocolate caramel tart left. I kept eyeing it and wondering whether or not I should buy this delicious looking tart. However, I was a little slow and someone else beat me to it. I mentioned how good it looked and he offered to give me half. I didn’t have the heart to say yes, as if it was me offering, I would hope that they would say no! I would want to eat it all on my own and rightly so!

There was again ONE chocolate caramel tart left at Remy and Lee’s and I HAD to get it! I was with ‘The Mother’ and my brother at the time, they too were eyeing – STAY AWAY! I was a little full at the time, so decided to wait until I got home to eat it.

This beautiful chocolate caramel tart is from Blackstar Pastry – I can’t believe I haven’t been there! Must.Visit.Soon! Thank goodness for Remy and Lee’s!

Now back to this beautiful chocolate caramel tart. If you can see ‘salt’ sprinkled on the top of the chocolate caramel tart, you are correct! It is SALT! It’s apparently the ‘new trend” to add a hint of salt to sweets. Apparently salt is used to enhance the flavour of the chocolate and the sweetness.

I was with my brother, F, at the time and he wanted some, so I reluctantly cut the tart in half. The chocolate shell crumbled, and caramel oozed out, and oh my my. Did it taste as good as it looked? BETTER! The chocolate shell was gooey, sweet and crumbly with a hint of salt. The caramel was also gooey but delightfully rich! A little too rich for my liking but it was scrumptiously good.

The salt in the chocolate and caramel tart really brought up the sweetness, it was simply delightful! Definitely for those who has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate!

Hmhmhmh… chocolate caramel tart…. It would go down so well right now!

So is ‘life sweeter with salt’? You tell me….

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