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Peking Duck @ Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant

It was my brother, F’s, birthday and he was craving for some Peking duck and suggested that we go to Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant. We have been coming here for a while now, my parents enjoy the food and it’s relatively close to where they live. The last time I was here was in February when I came back to Sydney for work (read review here). I don’t come here as often as my parents as it is a bit out of the way, but tonight was a special occasion and how can I say no to Peking duck?

I was too busy talking to my parents about cholesterol that I didn’t even see the duck come out of the kitchen and forgot to take a photo it!!!! I recently had a blood test and found that my cholesterol was a little high! Not only that but it was higher than both my parents! My Dad’s response was ‘No surprising there, have you seen your facebook photos on food?’ Yes Dad, of course I have, I took them! I was too engrossed in the conversation that I didn’t even notice them cutting the duck until they placed a plate of pancakes and a plate of condiments on the table and before I knew it, they whisked the Peking duck back to the kitchen (I saw the waitress back pushing the trolley with the duck!)

Now the duck, generous servings of duck skins with a bit of fat and meat were placed before me. With my ‘high cholesterol’ on the back of my mind, I picked the biggest and fattiest duck skin and placed it on my pancake, generously slathering it with hoisin sauce, and place one cucumber, wrapped the duck skin and dug my teeth into it. Oh my my, it was good. The skin was crispy, and the bit of duck meat attached was succulent. It was scrumptiously good and satisfied the cravings. Unfortunately, there were only 12 duck skins, so two each. In Hong Kong, they would give you more than that, I remember eating at least five or six of these delicious duck skin wrapped in pancakes. I think two was definitely not enough!

Our second course was not sang choy bao, we thought we would try the noodles with duck. I enjoyed it. The noodles and duck meat were tender and with a little bit of freshly cut chili, it was absolutely divine.

Next was the steamed egg white topped with tofu and assorted seafood. I LOVE this dish. The steamed egg white and tofu were so soft that you didn’t even need to chew! The seafood was a great compliment. It was such a simple yet light and delicious dish. I may have to try replicating this dish at home one day.

The crispy skin chicken with ginger and shallot sauce was scrumptious. The chicken was tender and succulent. The skin was seriously crispy and the ginger and shallot sauce a great compliment. F demolished this, I only managed to eat two pieces!

The special fried rice was good but a little bit oily for my liking.

The sizzling fillet steak was fantastic. The beef was seriously tender and the sweet sauce gave it a flavour and was a great compliment.

Last but not least, deep fried whole fresh fish with sweet and sour sauce was good. The batter I thought was a little thick but the fish was fresh, tender and moist. The sweet and sour was a little too sweet for my liking (and for my Dad) but the fish was deliciously yummy.

It was a great evening with family (except for the cholesterol conversation!) and a great birthday dinner for F!

To my dear brother, Happy Birthday! Thanks for being the best brother in the whole wide world, and for all your support!

And of course… thanks for dinner!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Eastwood Garden Peking Restaurant

167 Rowe St

Eastwood NSW 2122

Ph: +612 9804 1289

Eastwood Garden Peking on Urbanspoon

  1. September 12, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    i ♥ peking duck hehe and you’re right 2 pieces is never enough!

    • September 12, 2010 at 10:28 pm

      i think a minimum of 4 servings at best! maybe more 🙂 i love peking duck too!!!!

  2. Frank
    September 14, 2010 at 6:04 am

    So full!!!!! thumbs down for the sizzling steak for me… because i didnt want it, also want to try the sang choi bao instead of the noodles

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