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Sushi Roll @ World Square, Sydney

I was craving for some Japanese and was craving for some delicious sushi at Makoto. Unfortunately, Makoto was horrendously busy and I was too hungry to wait in line which suited ‘The Mother’ fine. After all these years, Makoto just gets busier and busier! Unless you rock up at like 5.30am or 9.30pm, be prepared to wait in line with hungry diners!

It was a cool-ish night and we didn’t want to walk too far. I have walked pass this Japanese sushi train many many times but have never tried it. ‘The Mother’ was more than happy to give it ago, there were no lines, and it was reasonably full, so it can’t be ‘that’ bad. We didn’t have to wait at all, as soon as we walked in we were seated straight to our table.

We started with the salmon sashimi with rice and either topped with roe or shrimp. This was deliciously fresh, however, I wasn’t a big fan of the shrimp, it was a little salty for my liking. I think the roe would have been better, which ‘The Mother’ took.

Fresh salmon sashimi, incredibly fresh and incredibly delicious! I could have eaten a whole plate of this on my own!

Soft shell crab and salad: the soft shell crab was crunchy but yet tender. The salad was good but a little creamy for my liking.

Cooked salmon sushi: this was cooked to perfection, slightly raw in the middle but cooked on the outside.

Fresh tuna sushi: I didn’t have any of this, I was taking a photo of another sushi and was about to reach for the tuna and was gone! No guessing who ate it!

Cooked salmon with rice, topped with seared scallop and avocado. I loved this dish, the cooked salmon was delightful and the seared scallop and avocado was a great compliment. ‘The Mother’ doesn’t like avocado so I was more than happy to take his share.

Eel roll with avocado, with soft shell crab and a generous (and I mean GENEROUS) serving of mayonnaise was simply fantastic! Eel is another favourite of mine, and combined with avocado, soft shell crab and mayonnaise, it was just divine. ‘The Mother’ is not a fan of eel so I ate both of this.

King fish sushi, again I didn’t have any of this, I was getting a little full from my eel roll, so was happy for ‘The Mother’ to eat both.

Dessert: red bean mochi. I prefer Makoto’s red bean mochi as it comes with a strawberry imbedded in the mochi. The red bean was a little rich and sickening for my liking. I didn’t like this as much as I have hoped.

It was a quick yet satisfying meal, except for the dessert which was a little disappointing. The service and ambience was good, but I found the total bill to be a little more expensive than I have hoped. Not sure if I have been in Hong Kong for too long (don’t think so!), and expected it to be ‘cheaper’ but you tell me, 10 plates for $50? Understand ‘The Mother’ ordered the soft shell crab, but surely we didn’t eat all the expensive stuff? Or did we?

Compare to Makoto – well – is it really fair to compare? I still do prefer Makoto however in desperate times, Sushi Roll is not too bad.

GA’s rating: 7 / 10

Sushi Roll

Shop 10.19 World Square

644 George Street

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 9283 1881

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