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Dinner at Khao San, then dessert at Sukjai Thai

A dear friend, F, whom I met in Hong Kong was in town for a friend’s wedding. She is actually from Sydney but has been transferred to Hong Kong for work and has been there for a almost two years. We originally wanted to go to Spice I am, unfortunately it was closed! I forgot that most restaurants are closed on Monday nights, so F’s friend L suggested that we go to Thanon Khao San on Pitt Street. I haven’t been here before, but I am never on the hunt for Thai food, a mediocre fan but was looking forward to catching up and perhaps to be proven wrong about Thai food.

We each picked a dish, and started with prawn curry and spinach. The curry was a little sweet, different to that of Indian curry, the spinach a great compliment and prawns wonderful. My only gripe would be that there are THREE prawns? They were four of us, I would have thought perhaps they would give us four?

Pork ball salad, this was interesting, pork balls with pork mince and salad drenched in fish sauce and chili. The pork balls were great, but I assume I could have probably bought this from the supermarket. The salad was refreshing and the chili gave it a nice kick.

Chicken curry with roti was surprisingly good. The curry, spicy, creamy and had strong coconut flavour. The roti was pancake thin, dipped in curry, it was delicious. Then again, who doesn’t like roti?

Raw soft shell crab and paw paw salad – I didn’t like this. It was a cold dish, it was superior sour and spicy. I didn’t mind the spiciness so much but the sourness I was not a fan.

I, personally thought the meal was so so. I mean the prawn curry was great, but the other three, I only liked little aspects of the dish. For example, the pork ball salad, just the pork ball. The chicken curry, the roti and the curry and the raw soft shell craw was a major fail! Maybe we ordered wrong, but I think F and L were quite happy and content. I am more than happy to try a different Thai restaurant to be proven wrong again! However, I am beginning to think that maybe Thai food is not for me, except for Spice I am.

I was impressed with the tuk tuk at the front of the restaurant though – that was cool!

The dessert at Khao San didn’t look too appertizing. L said that Sukjai Thai, which was next door was infinitely better. So after we paid the bill, we waddled next door for some more food.

The dessert menu wasn’t extensive, 4 choices plus one more which was a special dessert. We started with pandan taro balls with coconut in coconut milk. This was served warm, the pandan taro balls were deliciously sweet with strong pandan flavour. The coconut milk was a little too rich for me.

Sticky rice with mango, the sticky rice was dry, the mango sweet and delicious. I had to put a little bit of coconut milk in the sticky rice to give it more flavour and to make it moister.

Last but not least, sweet dough deep fried served with green pandan custard. This was fantastic! Warm fried deep fried sweet dough dipped in cool pandan custard was just amazing. This was probably the highlight for me.

It was great catching with F, how I have missed you and R, J, and D! I do wish that I was eating my way around Hong Kong with you guys! Can’t wait to see you in January!!! Have a safe trip back F, and see you in Jan!

GA’s ratings: 6 / 10

Thanon Khao San

413 Pitt Street

Haymarket NSW 2000

Ph: +61 2 9211 1194

Thanon Khao San on Urbanspoon

Sukjai Thai

415 Pitt Street

Haymarket NSW 2000

Sukjai Thai on Urbanspoon

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