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Berta, Surry Hills

The new-ish restaurant Berta is located on Alberta Street. Some of you may know that I am directionally challenged! I ‘knew’ that Alberta Street was ‘somewhere’ near my place but I had no idea that it was THAT close from where I live! I occasionally walk home, and was looking for Alberta Street but I didn’t realize that the street is off Goulburn Street! Yes like I said I am directionally challenged!

I dragged ‘The Mother’ here one evening, he too was wondering where this restaurant was. He kept asking if I was at the right place, and he should, as we almost missed it. It is hidden in a laneway, and the entranceway is very low-key, there’s a long walk through from the entrance to the restaurant, which was dark, edgy but yet cool.

It was about 7.15pm when we rocked up; the restaurant was full, busy and noisy. There were no queues; however, no tables except the bar. ‘The Mother’ was more than happy to sit at the bar, where we can watch the bar tenders do their thing and watch the chef in action.

Berta was set up by the guys who set up Vini (which is also in Surry Hills) and the Head Chef is O Tama Carey, who previously worked at Kylie Kwong. Berta focuses on food sharing, which means you can try more things. The menu is written on a blackboard, which is hung on the wall, and is very cryptic. It only lists the ingredients of each dish and leaves it at that. However, the waiter or waitresses are more than happy to explain how each dish is cooked. They also have an extensive selection of wine for you to choose from.

We started with the chicken liver pate with bergamino (bergamot orange) liquor and oh my, it was absolutely fantastic. The pate was deliciously creamy, smooth and was so flavoursome that made me want more and more. It was served with house-made flat bread, which to me looked like a giant biscuit or cracker. The kumquat jam was deliciously sweet and was a great compliment to the pate. ‘The Mother’ was famished and couldn’t wait to dig in, so apologies for the bad photo! I had to stop trying to take ‘good’ photos as he kept eating and eating and didn’t offer to give me any!

The clams, pine nuts and prosciutto were beautifully done, you could taste the pine nuts and prosciutto and the combination were divine. This was the highlight of the dish for ‘The Mother’. This dish comes with a side of bread, which can be dipped into the soup.

‘The Mother’ ordered a side of kipfler potatoes which were deep fried, and was crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. It was served with flakes of rosemary and was scrumptiously good.

The duck mandilli, braised duck wrapped in pillows of pasta sheets were wonderful. The duck was tender, the broth delicious and intriguing, as it was rich and spicy at the same time. I kept wanting more and more. The pasta sheets were delicious, the whole dish, simply outstanding.

My highlights for the evening were the duck mandilli and the chicken liver pate with bergamino liquor.

The staffs were friendly and efficient with their service. Come before 8pm, as it got extremely busy afterwards. Unfortunately the restaurant was dark, which meant my photos were crappy! (Still working on ‘The Mother’ for a new camera!!!!!)

I really enjoyed Berta, it is a great new restaurant and I am looking forward to coming back to try different things. If you haven’t been, GO! You will not be disappointed.

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10


17 – 19 Alberta Street

Sydney, 2000

PH: +61 2 9264 6133

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