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Explosive flavours, Red Chili Sichuan Restaurant, Haymarket

I love spicy food, the spicier the better. So when our friend, M, suggested Red Chili Sichuan Restaurant, I knew we had to go! Apparently there are two locations in Chinatown, one in Burwood and one in Glebe. We went to the one in Harbour Plaza, opposite the Holiday Inn, which I think is the newer one out of the two in Chinatown.

When we got there, there was a queue of people waiting. I had made reservations, but it didn’t really matter, as we still had to wait for another 15 mins, and there were no tables inside! ‘The Mother’, M, and I were happy to sit outside, it wasn’t that cold, and frankly we didn’t want to wait any longer than we had too as we were ravenous!

The menu was extensive! There were so many choices that it took us a while to decide and the pictures on the menu looked fantastic that we wanted one of each – clearly our eyes were bigger than our stomach! So after careful consideration and discussions, we finally agreed on five dishes, two entrees and three mains – yes, for the three of us!

We started with the drunken chicken, and we have had this dish many many times, however, this one beats the rest. The chicken was tender and succulent, served at room temperature (instead of cold straight from the fridge), sprinkled with sesame seeds and drenched in chili oil. It was seriously spicy and seriously delicious.

Next came the fried duck, I love duck, but unfortunately, this dish was quite ordinary. It was good but I think it could have been a lot better. The duck meat was tender, and skin was crispy, however, it was a little on the boney side. Judging by the demolition of this dish by both M and ‘The Mother’, they must have utterly enjoyed it.

Stir fried shredded pork in Peking sauce and shallots were served with paper thin pancake. The pork was succulent and the Peking sauce deliciously scrumptious. It can be eaten with or without the pancake. My only gripe would be that we were only given FOUR pancakes! FOUR! Also, I think it would have been better, if it was a little spicier.

The next dish was the highlight of the evening – Chef’s Special Fish – EXTREMELY HOT! And by ‘hot’ I don’t mean temperature hot. One whole fish, cut into thin fillets, served in a large bowl of bokchoy and chili. It was like an endless pit, there were so many fish fillets I lost count how many servings I had. Diners next to us glanced at our dish in awe, thinking how on earth will they finish this? They were right, we couldn’t finish it, it was just way too much! This dish was outstanding, the fish were fresh, texture firm, and the chili was just amazing! I forgot what it tastes like to have your taste buds all tingly and funny. I loved it!

Here is a close up of the fish, there were fish under the mountain of chilies!

Last but not least, a small bowl boiled dumplings with hot and sweet chili sauce. The dumplings were filled with pork and vegetables, they were slippery, they were spicy and they were frigging awesome! We demolished them within minutes, even when we were all complaining how full we were.

It was reasonably priced, unfortunately, service is so so, like many Chinese restaurants you find in Chinatown. Red Chili Sichuan definitely lived up to its name. It is incredibly tasty and bursting with flavours. Not for those with a faint heart! They do serve non spicy food, but their specialty is ‘Red Chili’! I think we all enjoyed it and even better that we took some of the Chef’s Special Fish home!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Shop 108 – 111 / 25 – 29 Harbour Plaza

Haymarket, 2000

Ph: +61 2 9211 8130

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