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Lunch at the Chophouse, Sydney

Chophouse is the sister restaurant of Kingsley Steakhouse. I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to visit the Chophouse, considering how close it is to my work. In my defense, I have been away for the past year and am still trying to get back into the eating scene in Sydney! I haven’t been to Kingsley Steakhouse for a while now, however, I prefer the more relaxing and chilled atmosphere of the Chophouse. The interior is rustic but yet funky, and the food I think tastes SO much better.

I was catching up with a colleague at work, S, and he suggested the Chophouse, he knew I haven’t been and well, he was craving for a ‘good’ steak!

I fell in love with the design of this restaurant, the interior and the chipped walls. I love the huge rib cages, hung over the seating areas, I felt like I was trapped inside an animal’s stomach!

We both started with an entrée each, I had the king salmon tartare and alba white truffle, served raw, smoked, with cauliflower puree and avruga caviar. OMG, this was incredible! The king salmon tartare was fresh and full of flavours, the white truffles were subtle, I was purposely trying to taste it. The avruga caviar was a perfect compliment. It was absolutely divine.

S had the steamed Harvey bay sea scallops: hot and sour dressing, silken eggplant and baby coriander. Three delicious sea scallops, S was kindly enough to give me one. The scallops were tender, the hot and sour dressing gave it that nice tang flavour which I loved. The silken eggplant was subtle and cut thinly. It was good but not as good as my king salmon tartare!

I probably have mentioned this before, I am not usually a big meat eater. Can you believe that I was a vegetarian for 3 years? Prior to me marrying ‘The Mother’, I stopped eating red meat, for a good 10 years? I won’t go into details why but it has taken me a good while to actually ‘enjoy’ a good slab of meat! Now, I can say that I do enjoy a good steak, and will order it at a restaurant from time to time.

I was originally going to get the crisp pork belly and sea scallop, but S convincingly changed my mind. He thought that I ‘should’ get a steak, considering I was at a Steakhouse! He was right, and I opted for the minute steak of Black Angus with café de Paris Butter. I couldn’t get past the ‘café de Paris Butter’ – who doesn’t like butter right?

My steak was thin, and served with little cubes of herb butter that was melting slowly on my steak. hmhmhm butter…  The steak was incredibly tender and considering it was ‘minute steak’ it was served medium rare. The herb butter melted beautifully on my steak and gave it a nice and rich flavour. It was just sensational.

S had the pasture fed rib on the bone with chutney and jus (350g). It was a generous serving, S, had it rare and it didn’t disappoint! It was RARE! I didn’t want him to think I was a freak, so unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the rareness of his steak. S enjoyed it and said that it was one of the best steaks he had eaten!

We ordered a side of shoestring fries and seasonal green beans with herb butter. The fries were delightfully thin and crispy, and the green beans were fantastic, and the herb butter gave it that extra flavouring.

I really enjoyed my steak with café de Paris Butter, too much to the extent that I could not stop burping butter all afternoon and all throughout my workout at the gym. I felt sorry for my fellow gym enthusiast, I am sure it wasn’t the most appealing smell!

S and I were a little too full for dessert, I struggle to eat a 3 course meal at lunch. However, I am coming back in a fortnight for dinner with some friends, and am very much looking forward to demolishing some rhubarb and alpine strawberries and ‘Chophouse’ Swiss milk chocolate block.

If steak is not your thing, then this is probably not for you, however, they do serve lamb chops, char grilled chicken and even crumbed pork chop! If you are a vegetarian then I DEFINITELY do not recommend you to come here, the options are very limited!

There aren’t many steakhouses that I am a fan off, and I have to say, this one has definitely got my attention!

Thanks S for the chat and the advice! I truly do appreciate all your support.

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10


25 Bligh Street

Sydney 2000

Ph: 1300 CHOP IT (1300 246 748)

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  1. Frank
    October 11, 2010 at 12:34 am

    highly rated from me, went here 3+ times. next time order one or some of their salads, they are really good

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