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S’s tea party

A dear friend of mine, S, is getting married shortly. She didn’t really want a big hen’s night, so her bridesmaids, A1 and A2 thought it would be nice to organize a tea party for her. A few of her closest friends, drinking tea or champagne over sweets and savoury food discussing things like friendship, marriage, babies and basically life.

I have known S for a while now, we met at indoor soccer, and she knew ‘The Mother’ before I met her – it’s all that six degrees of separation thing.

That morning, I went to Adriano Zumbo, it has been a while since my last visit, and by a while I mean a good two years or so. The queues have been insanely long that I really haven’t even tried to go there until that morning. A uni friend of mine, C, wanted to buy some macaroons so we met in the city at 9 am and got to Balmain by 9.15am. Yes, we were eager beavers!

Thankfully the line weren’t that long, we only had to wait 10 minutes before it was our turn. I felt like a child in a candy store, all the pastries, the desserts, the sweets – I was in candy heaven!

I got some croissants, a plain croissant and a chocolate croissant. My dad had the plain croissant and he thought it was deliciously rich, and beautiful. ‘The Mother’ had the chocolate croissant and he absolutely loved it too, then again, he loves chocolate croissant. I lost count on how many chocolate croissants he ate whilst we were in Paris!

I said to C that I was only going to be 3 desserts, I ended up with 6 different delicious and wonderful desserts and 12 macaroons! It wasn’t all for me of course, half for the family and I, and the other half for the lovely tea party that afternoon.

Now the tea party, it was hosted at A1’s house and it’s a beautiful house. Five of S’s closest friends were there and we were all looking forward to the wonderful delights that we were about to consume.

A1 is a fantastic chef, I have asked her many times to enter masterchef, however, she is expecting shortly and I don’t think she wants to be parted with her newborn. A1 made these delicious vanilla cupcakes, sprinkled with rainbow hundreds and thousands, they were moist and wonderful. I will have to get the recipe from her one day!

There were also egg tarts and coconut tarts, think they were bought from a bakery in Cabramatta. The egg tart glistened and called out to me, I had to have one. Had too! It was fresh, the pastry was crunchy and melted in my mouth, the egg tart itself wobbled, it was creamy and good!

More desserts which consisted of caramel slice, pineapple cheese cake and a mini banoffee pie.

Here are the yummy desserts I bought at Adriano Zumbo. The round chocolate tart was deliciously sweet but yet bitter. The malt teaser (top left) which was malt dacquoise, almond pralie feullitine, malt bavarois, vanilla cremeux, chocolate sabayon mouse was sweet – a little too sweet for my liking but S managed to cut the malt teaser into six tiny pieces! Unfortunately I didn’t have any of the ed on the rocks (top right), I was just overloaded with sugar and couldn’t eat anymore!

The macaroons, now there were just too hard to share between the six of us. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what was what, but here are the flaovours: Mango and Tonka Bean with Black Pepper, Blueberry Lavender, Beetroot and Raspberry, Coffee Brule, Oatmeal and Ylang Ylang, Mango and Tonka Bean with Black Pepper, Pear, Fennel and Pistacchio, Olive with Bergamot Hard Candy Pitt. I didn’t have any, not a huge fan of macaroons; however it was funny how the girls tried to decipher what was what!

Last but not least, A1’s famous sausage rolls. She made them herself using the Bourke Street Bakery recipe and they were as good as the originals! I couldn’t but eat at least four of these, they were that good!

We talked. We laughed. We gossiped. We discussed. It was one of the best girlie afternoons I have had in a long time.

I used my brother’s camera, which is the nikon d90 and I am in love… I NEED to get a new camera! NEED! WANT! LOVE!

Adriano Zumbo

296 Darling Street

Balmain, 2041

Ph: +61 2 9810 7318

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