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Breakfast at Madam Char Char, Surry Hills

I have walked passed this place many many times now. I have purchased take away salads and half roast Lilydale chicken for dinner which was fantastic! They have different types of salad, all made freshly that day. They even have burgers, if you feel like eating in. I have seen diners have the beef and grilled chicken breast burgers and they look incredible! I have yet to try these, but I am sure it won’t be long until I do.

B noticed that they were opening for breakfast and was keen to go for our weekly catch up! I, of course, was more than happy to try.

When you first walk in, the brightly lit windows catch your eye. Have a look at the fresh fruit salads, muesli, and yogurts – don’t they look incredible?

They use Toby Estate coffee, the coffee was smooth and creamy.

B couldn’t go pass the bircher muesli with apple, mint, pomegranate and buttermilk. It looked amazing and it tasted as good as it looked! The bircher was moist, the apple, mint and pomegranate was a great complement and the buttermilk really gave it that extra creaminess and flavouring.

I had the breakfast bruschetta – ricotta, strawberries, orange blossom, pistachios and mint. It was served on toasted seeded bread, and it was awesomely good. The strawberries were delicious sweet, and the orange blossom gave it that extra sweetness. I am not usually a big fan of mint unless it is in a drink, however, I was pleasantly surprised, it was a great complement and was absolutely tasty! A great way to start the day!

It’s more of a takeaway place, however, there are some simple seating, service is great and is pub style – for lunch that is (follow the vibrating buzzer to your food).

Apparently we were their first breakfast customers! I have to say, I was quite impressed. The sign on the door says that they are a sister café of Flat White which is situated in Woollahra, a café I absolutely adore and have not been for a while!

Madam Char Char makes all the relishes in house, home-made sweets (the brownies are deliciously good!) and they do catering services also.

As the sign says ‘we are all about the flavour’ and the breakfast bruschetta was definitely full of flavour! So was the B’s bircher.

Great find B! I am keen to try their burger soon, burger date?

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Madam Char Char

285A Crown Street

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: +61 2 9380 4411

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  1. October 24, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    Wow I was just reading about this fairly new place on another blog. The breakfast looks as amazing as their normal takeaway menu!

  2. October 25, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Wow – didn’t think they’d have anything suitable for brekky.

    Are the chickens good in terms of value?

    • October 25, 2010 at 9:07 am

      they just started with the brekkie – about 2 weeks ago.

      value is not too bad, 9.50 for half and its quite decent! very tasty 🙂

  3. Bianca
    October 26, 2010 at 2:22 am

    That was one of the best breakfast we have had!
    Definitely keen on a Burger date there or breakfast again or burgers then a takeaway bircher : )
    The chicken and salads are also amazing!

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