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Fouratefive, Surry Hills

It has been a while since my last visit at fouratefive. My first visit was in May after I had done the half marathon with another friend of mine.

B and I were catching up and this was one of the few cafes that are open at 7am on a weekday. If you wonder why we are up that early on a Monday morning, well that’s a very good question! I think sometimes we wonder too but we enjoy our catch ups, and we look forward to it every single week. Not catching up with her on a Monday would make my week incomplete. It is something I look forward to and it’s a great way to start a long and stressful week.

I really don’t think she needs any more introduction, she is one of my dearest friends whom I have a weekly catch up with. She is my gym partner (although we don’t gym that often together anymore!), my eating partner and well my gossip partner! No we are not dating, we are both happily married (not to each other) but we have so much in common that sometimes we wonder if we were related in our previous lives! If we weren’t so busy we would probably see each other more.

Anyway, fouratefive – their coffee, single origin beans, one word – fantastic!

I wanted something ‘healthy’ and considering I have eaten my egg quota on the weekend, I opted for the granola with seasonal fruits with yogurt. It was just too pretty to eat, the presentation was fantastic! A mountain of delicious crunchy granola with nuts and dried fruit served with seasonal fruits – strawberries, pears, kiwis, orange and half a passion fruit, with rhubarb yogurt – LOVE!

B on the other hand ordered the bircher muesli with seasonal fruits with yogurt. She is on the hunt for the best bircher muesli in Sydney! I had a taste of this, the bircher muesli was full of flavours, moist, and absolutely delicious. I am not sure if its the best I have tasted, but it was high up there in terms of ranks!

I was here the same week for lunch with a friend, S, and we both decided to order the pulled pork sandwich and the roast beef to share. I started with their pulled pork sandwich on ciabatta with pickled carrot and radish, aioli, apple and tomato chutney and rocket. The combination of the flavours was just outstanding – but as you know, I am a sucker of pork and aioli! How can the combination be bad?

The roast beef served with sweet polish pickled cucumbers, thick slices of tomato, Dijon mustard and cos lettuce with onion relish – Oh My Gawd – this was so much better than the pulled pork. It was messy, the sandwich fell apart in your hands, sauce dripping here and there, it was good, it was satisfying! The roast beef was tender and the sweet polish pickled cucumbers and onion relish really gave it that nice flavouring. (Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, so the photo below is from my friend). I was definitely glad to end my meal with the roast beef! It was awesomely good!

I personally prefer their lunch menu, as it is more appealing. However, the granola with fruits and yogurt was superb!

So, B, where to next?

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10


485 Crown Street

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: + 61 2 9698 6485

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